TIN CHURCH - A NEW PLAY [Stage/Theater]: All should be strong Actors able to perform with a Southern dialect. This play will audition,....
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5 HOUR ENERGY [Voice Over]: Must have in-home professional recording studio. Talent must be able to professionally record....
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MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER (MDD) [Industrial]: Storyline: WebMD specializes in creating true-to-life patient simulations for continuing medical....
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UNTITLED ELEMENT PICTURES PROJECT (ROLE OF CARLOS) [Feature Film]: Talent will be required to travel to the UK. Storyline: Teddy, a paranoid and bereft young man, is....
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HEAVY HITTERS (STILL SEEKING AND NEW ROLES) [TV Series]: This is a pilot for a 8 episode TV Series. Very important, this is a series about baseball....
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AMAZON - AN ADVERTISING "TAIL" [Commercial]: Storyline: A Dog Owner goes through their day (with their dog) supported by the many leisures....
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PLANETS (2024) [Feature Film]: Storyline: Centered around a local man's disappearance, PLANETS follows several intersecting....
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ANYTHING GOES [Stage/Theater]: ANYTHING GOES will be the inaugural production opening the brand new Moran Mainstage in Gulfshore....
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Shoot for Prom Brand [Photo Shoot]:
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THE SMASHING MACHINE [Feature Film]: Storyline: Set in the late 90s - early 2000s. Rising to fame through the little-known sport of....
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Spanish Speaking Host [Hosting]: A new digital media org focused on creating content for and by Latinos is looking for Latinx/Hispanx
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FIVE: THE PARODY MUSICAL [Stage/Theater]: A new, irreverent parody of SIX: THE MUSICAL, FIVE features three wives, one mistress, and a....
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ALIGN PROBIOTIC DIGESTIVE HEALTH [Ad Campaign]: Storyline: A woman sits with a friend at lunch. The friend is having issues with choosing something....
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Posted on: 03/01/24
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36-49 / Male / All Ethnicities
6’0”-6’3”. A massive Midwesterner from Ohio, the elder statesman of MMA despite his young age, Mark Coleman is known for his "ground and pound" technique that has made him one of the best fighters in the world. Outside the ring, Coleman is a loving father and loyal friend, mentor, and trainer to Kerr. While focusing on his own career, Coleman takes notice of Mark's reliance on pain killers and delivers the honest truth when he sees his friend going down a path of no return. SUPPORTING LEAD. THIS ROLE SHOOTS IN VANCOUVER & TOKYO. PLEASE SUBMIT REAL, ACTIVE OR RETIRED COMBAT FIGHTERS.

50-69 / Male / All Ethnicities
5’11-6’2. Dutch American trainer and fighter with boundless energy and an upbeat attitude, Bas Rutten joins Mark to train him for the Championship tournament. He hopes to give Mark more tools in the ring by expanding his repertoire as a fighter, but Bas knows the key to Mark's success will be remaining distraction-free. Bas worries that old habits might hold Mark back if he can't stay focused. SUPPORTING. THIS ROLE SHOOTS IN VANCOUVER & TOKYO. PLEASE SUBMIT REAL, ACTIVE OR RETIRED COMBAT FIGHTERS or TRAINERS.

30-49 / Male / All Ethnicities
5'11"-6'3". An imposing MMA fighter from Ukraine, Igor Vovchanchyn is one of the top competitors in the Pride Fighting circuit, facing off against both Kerr and Coleman throughout their careers. Despite his fierceness in the ring, Igor expresses gratitude and kindness when he chats with Mark backstage after a fight. SUPPORTING. MUST SPEAK UKRAINIAN. ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS ARE NOT REQUIRED. THIS ROLE SHOOTS IN VANCOUVER & TOKYO. PLEASE SUBMIT REAL, ACTIVE OR RETIRED COMBAT FIGHTERS.

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