5 HOUR ENERGY [Voice Over]: Must have in-home professional recording studio. Talent must be able to professionally record....
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MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER (MDD) [Industrial]: Storyline: WebMD specializes in creating true-to-life patient simulations for continuing medical....
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UNTITLED ELEMENT PICTURES PROJECT (ROLE OF CARLOS) [Feature Film]: Talent will be required to travel to the UK. Storyline: Teddy, a paranoid and bereft young man, is....
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HEAVY HITTERS (STILL SEEKING AND NEW ROLES) [TV Series]: This is a pilot for a 8 episode TV Series. Very important, this is a series about baseball....
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AMAZON - AN ADVERTISING "TAIL" [Commercial]: Storyline: A Dog Owner goes through their day (with their dog) supported by the many leisures....
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PLANETS (2024) [Feature Film]: Storyline: Centered around a local man's disappearance, PLANETS follows several intersecting....
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ANYTHING GOES [Stage/Theater]: ANYTHING GOES will be the inaugural production opening the brand new Moran Mainstage in Gulfshore....
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Shoot for Prom Brand [Photo Shoot]:
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THE SMASHING MACHINE [Feature Film]: Storyline: Set in the late 90s - early 2000s. Rising to fame through the little-known sport of....
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Spanish Speaking Host [Hosting]: A new digital media org focused on creating content for and by Latinos is looking for Latinx/Hispanx
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FIVE: THE PARODY MUSICAL [Stage/Theater]: A new, irreverent parody of SIX: THE MUSICAL, FIVE features three wives, one mistress, and a....
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ALIGN PROBIOTIC DIGESTIVE HEALTH [Ad Campaign]: Storyline: A woman sits with a friend at lunch. The friend is having issues with choosing something....
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THE MOB TRAP [Stage Reading]: A group of made men and their molls meet for a weekend at a country house. Chaos ensues when one of....
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Posted on: 07/11/23
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45-60 / Male / All Ethnicities
Good looking, a little insecure, Nick feels Brad is his last chance to find happiness and experience something strong and exciting. He is an architect. Was married to Helen, now in a relationship with Brad.

40-50 / Male / All Ethnicities
Rough around the edges, used to getting his way. His bark is stronger than his bite. Rob has a heart of gold. Construction worker, strong.

25-30 / Male / All Ethnicities
Happy go lucky and childlike, Brad is fully aware of the effect and power he has on men (and women) but never uses them with any kind of malice. Bartender, handsome.

45-55 / Female / All Ethnicities
Attractive, warm hearted, self-assured with a sarcastic. British sense of humor. British dialect required. Helen looks like she has it all but is more fragile than she lets on. Nick's ex-wife,

70-80 / Female / All Ethnicities
Does her best to stay connected to the child within. Mischievous and full of life, the only thing Maria is afraid of is loneliness. Nick's mother, zany.

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