HIV PREVENTION [Print, Ad Campaign]: MUST BE AN NYC LOCAL. Nationwide print campaign for HIV prevention.
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SQUARE [Commercial]:
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THE NURSE HEROES FOUNDATION (Telemundo) [PSA, TV, Voice Over, Web/Internet]: Local talent NYC.
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MABEL (ASIAN AMERICAN TWIN BABIES) [Film, Feature Film]: The feature film "MABEL" is seeking twin or triplet Asian/Asian American babies for a....
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WEBMD EDADS108: GENERALIZED PUSTULAR PSORIASIS [Industrial]: This is a one day virtual telemedicine shoot with a target shoot date sometime during the week of....
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WEBMD EDADS110: SYSTEMIC SCLEROSIS- RELATED INTERSTITIAL LUNG DISEASE [Industrial]: This is a one day virtual telemedicine shoot with a target shoot between June 28-30, 12:30pm EST. A....
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FUNCTION OF BEAUTY [Commercial]: Storyline: Casting women of diverse backgrounds with beautiful hair.
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STAGES ST. LOUIS - JERSEY BOYS (Ensemble) [Stage/Theater]: This production will be live, indoors, and in front of an audience. STAGES St. Louis will abide by....
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PROM CAR '91 [Short Film]: Storyline: Carrie and Donovan's prom night plans go sideways when they witness a murder --....
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WOMEN HAIR BRAND (BEFORE & AFTER SHOOT) [Photo Shoot]: This is a Before and After shoot for root touchup. Please only submit if you currently have a good....
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WEBMD EDADS105: EYE PROBLEMS [Industrial]: This is a one day virtual telemedicine shoot with a target shoot date of 6/24, 12:30pm EST. A....
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KINKY BOOTS - NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINES [Stage/Theater]: For this initial audition submission, we will be inviting those selected to self-tape. Should your....
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EMPIRES [Episodic]: NEW YORK LOCAL HIRES ONLY! Non union - Ficore ok 8 episodes starts shoot August 8 - 30th.....
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Posted on: 06/10/21
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30-35 / Male / Caucasian
SLIGHT SOUTHERN ACCENT Orphaned by the Civil War, Tennessee native Jack Daniel is taken in by a local farmer and preacher named Daniel Call. A southern firebrand with a chip on his shoulder, Jack grows up determined to prove to his father figure, and the rest of the world, that he’s a person of worth. He focuses his drive on the small distillery on the Call family farm, and will stop at nothing to turn it into a profitable business. Brash and fearless, Jack Daniel goes from bootlegging across state lines to opening his own legitimate distillery, shaking off every obstacle that life throws in his path. Along with Nathan Green, he helps revolutionize distilling techniques and create the iconic spirit we know today as Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. And to sell the product, he reinvents himself as the quintessential southern gentleman until his whiskey is synonymous with fine southern living.

25-30 / Male / Caucasian
SLIGHT SOUTHERN ACCENT Too ambitious for his own good, Lem Motlow has all the brashness of his uncle Jack Daniel with none of the restraint or ethical qualms. Eager to make his mark on the family business, Lem uses his position as head of business affairs to push the company’s national expansion to a breakneck pace, even if it means jeopardizing the quality of the product. With the untimely death of Jack Daniel, Lem is handed the keys to the castle just as the industry faces its greatest threat: Prohibition. A shrewd operator with a faulty moral compass, Lem’s reckless leadership will threaten to destroy all his uncle has built, but ultimately, Lem’s underhanded scheming will save the company and resurrect Jack Daniel’s into the biggest brand of whiskey in the world.

35-45 / Male / Caucasian
SLIGHT SOUTHER ACCENT An organizational genius and visionary entrepreneur, Buck Duke grew up as the second son of a former Confederate prisoner of war turned tobacco farmer. As a traveling salesman, it is Buck’s job to keep orders rolling in, but he soon recognizes something no one else does: the future of tobacco lies in a little-known product almost unheard of in America… the cigarette. Duke gambles his father’s company on the idea, and it pays off. His relentless need to be number one earns him the reins of the company over his older brother, and drives him not just to compete, but to wipe out all competition. He uses his power to drive tobacco farmers and rival companies alike to the brink of disaster, and leverages it all into one of the largest monopolies in history.

40-45 / Male / Caucasian
STANDARD AMERICAN ACCENT When his father-in-law, Eberhard Anheuser, puts him in charge of his struggling brewery, Adolphus Busch finds himself the head of a fledgling business making a product he doesn’t even like: beer. Despite his inexperience, Busch invests millions in bringing the industry into a future only he can see, even when everyone around him questions his judgement. Relentlessly innovative and unwaveringly confident, his willingness to bet on himself causes tension all around him, but in the end it results in vast wealth, and the first national beer brand in the United States: Budweiser.

25-30 / Male / Caucasian
Destined to take over the family empire, August Busch has spent his life trying to avoid the inevitable. But when his attempt to make a career as a cowboy ends in failure, August is summoned by his father, Adolphus Busch, to finally be groomed as his successor. But his father’s early demise leaves the Anheuser-Busch empire in August’s ill-prepared hands, just as the nation is on the verge of Prohibition. A reluctant tycoon, August is forced to learn on the job, making mistakes and involving himself in questionable deals. But in the end, his leadership keeps his father’s company afloat.

30-40 / Male / Caucasian
Born partially paralyzed, he needs crutches to navigate the world. A German immigrant who arrived in America as a destitute 17-year-old, Julius Schmid had to sell what little clothing he had for food. Born partially paralyzed, he needs crutches to navigate the world. Determined to prove that he’s got as much value as any able-bodied person, he pulls himself up by his bootstraps, getting a job working at a sausage factory. Inspired by the struggles he sees on the streets of New York City’s notorious Tenderloin District, he soon leverages his contacts to start his own illicit business on the side, selling a life-saving product that was once illegal in America... condoms. Battling law enforcement, Schmid then revolutionizes the industry by introducing the rubber condom, bringing about the legalization of the condom and ushering contraception into the modern age. After a lifetime of struggle, his tenacity and grit make him a wealthy and respected businessman, named by Fortune magazine as “The King of Condoms.”

30-35 / Female / African-American/African
STANDARD AMERICAN ACCENT Born into the upper class on a French Caribbean island, St. Clair lost everything when her father died unexpectedly. Rather than be forced into a life of servitude, she’s sent by her mother to America to make a new life for herself. But as she soon discovers, the only jobs available to women of color are as servants and seamstresses. Unable to support herself on the meager wages of a seamstress, St. Clair sets out to reclaim her place among the upper class, no matter what it takes to get there. Fearless and with a head for numbers, she climbs the ranks of Harlem’s underground gambling scene, becoming the self-proclaimed Queen of Harlem’s numbers racket. To protect her domain, she’ll take on the NYPD and the New York mafia. But ultimately, the government will take control of her game and rename it… the lottery.

30-35 / Male / Caucasian
Lyon is a young marketing whizz working his way up the corporate ladder of a small, relatively unknown tobacco company called Philip Morris. His work has caught the attention of the President of the company who takes him under his wing and personally grooms him to be his replacement. However, when the president passes away suddenly, Lyon is passed over by the board of directors. Acting as the V.P. of Marketing instead, Lyon vows to prove his superiority to the man selected above him. When the American public begins to recognize negative health effects of cigarette smoking, Lyon sees his opening. He pioneers the use of new tobacco additives alongside blitzkrieg marketing tactics to grow Philip Morris into a national powerhouse. But when the U.S.Government cracks down on false advertising, Lyon joins with Leo Burnett to revolutionize marketing forever. Rather than selling a product, they sell a lifestyle, and…the Marlboro Man is born, and Philip Morris swells to the largest producer of cigarettes in America.

40-45 / Male / Caucasian
William Wilkerson was born to a gambling addict in New York city. Determined to break away from the affliction that ruined his family and make his own fortune, Wilkerson moves to Los Angeles with a dream to break into the movie industry. When he is turned down by all the major motion picture studios, he founds the Hollywood Reporter. As Hollywood’s first daily entertainment trade magazine, it makes Wilkerson one of the most influential power brokers in Tinseltown. But the lifestyle catches up to him and he falls prey to a gambling addiction of his own, averaging $2 million dollars (in today’s money) in losses per year. Finally, vowing to never take another gambling loss, he envisions owning his own casino where the take is always his at the end of the night. But unlike the ramshackle gambling huts in Reno at the time, Wilkerson dreams up the first luxury resort casino in America, and places it in a stretch of empty desert called…Las Vegas. His vision for luxurious gambling, entertainment, and free-flowing booze will put the Las Vegas strip on the map. But when the construction project goes into debt, Wilkerson falls in with Bugsy Siegal and the mafia to pay off the overages. The mob, seeing the potential profits of Wilkerson’s dream casino, they muscle him out with threats to his life. When the Flamingo finally opens to the public, William Wilkerson is nowhere to be seen.

20-30 / Male / Caucasian
In Chicago, an unemployed war veteran named Hugh Hefner is struggling to support his new family…when he discovers his new bride is cheating on him. Blaming the extramarital affair on his failures in the bedroom, Hefner vows to educate himself on sex... After a stint in the military, he lands at Esquire magazine. Hefner looks to push the magazine’s sexual boundaries, but when the company moves from New York to Chicago, Hefner is handed a pink slip instead. Vowing to create a new, better magazine on his own, he tracks down a local photographer rumored to have never-before-seen nude photos of a Hollywood starlet before she became famous. For $500, Hefner convinces the man to sell him exclusive publishing rights to the photos… of Marylin Monroe. Risking everything to publish his first issue of what he names Playboy Magazine, Hefner puts up all the furniture he owns as collateral for an $8,000 loan. When it’s released, all 54,000 copies of the first issue sell out. Hefner, pioneering new concepts like the Centerfold and Playmate of the Month. Playboy’s circulation swells to 1.1 million – beating Hefner’s old employer, Esquire and changing American views on sex forever.

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