SKINCARE VIDEOS [Web/Internet]: Talent to act out how to use skincare products on camera for a skincare brand in a fun and playful....
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UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS [Film, Feature Film]: Most roles are either a one day shoot or a two day shoot. Filming will take place in the Tri-state....
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Raycon [Web/Internet]: One line speaking role, accent preferably American
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UNITED HEALTHCARE [Commercial, Print]: Will either shoot at people's homes or at a location. At all times the COVID- Protocols will....
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WEBMD MS290-01: HIV (FROM CRD) [Industrial, Web/Internet]: THIS PROJECT WILL BE SHOT VIRTUALLY IN YOUR HOME. This is a one day shoot for 4 hours WebMD....
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RAG AND BONE FALL 2020 [Print, Web/Internet]: Currently seeking submissions for the RAG AND BONE FALL 2020 campaign. The theme will be....
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WEBMD EDADS67: THROMBOCYTOPENIA [Industrial, Web/Internet]: WebMD specializes in creating true-to-life patient simulations for continuing medical education.....
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WEBMD EDADS69: CLEAR CELL RENAL CELL CARCINOMA [Industrial, Web/Internet]: THIS PROJECT WILL BE SHOT VIRTUALLY IN YOUR HOME. This is a one day shoot. WebMD specializes in....
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WEBMD EDADS71: NONRADIOGRAPHIC AXIAL SPONDYLOARTHRITIS [Industrial, Web/Internet]: This is a one day shoot; target shoot date sometime in the new few weeks. THIS PROJECT WILL BE....
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WEBMD MS290-02: HIV [Industrial, Web/Internet]: THIS PROJECT WILL BE SHOT VIRTUALLY IN YOUR HOME. WebMD specializes in creating true-to-life....
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SEASICK [Short Film]: An LGBTQ story about the struggles that come with a teenager knowing they’re gay, but not yet....
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SAXENDA (NEW ROLE) [Print, Web/Internet]:
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HIGH PROFILE QUICK SERVICE RESTAURANT [Commercial, Web/Internet]: TALENT MUST RESIDE IN ONE OF THE 5 BOROUGHS Very lightly scripted and the creative is themed....
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Posted on: 06/24/20
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56-60 / Female / Caucasian
(The D is silent) She is the stong-willed matriarch of the family who carries the weight of the family on her back. She is stout in stature and of a middle class. She has a strong Texas accent and lexicon with a foul mouth. Words like “Paw paw” or “good gravy” flow out naturally. She is a very new widow and just getting used to being considered a senior citizen. She diverts her attention to caring for her pregnant granddaughter and waiting for her imprisoned daughter to come home. She has traditional southern values, like you could cure the world’s troubles with some biscuits and gravy, and takes pride in her cooking. Her past mistakes haunt her as she rules her house with an iron fist, hoping her daughter and granddaughter don’t make the same life-changing mistakes she once made. But it is that inflexibility that drives her female offspring to rebel against her, and make those same mistakes.

35-38 / Female / Caucasian
She is the daughter to Grand, Mother to Julie. Strong Texas accent. Lover of country music. She is finishing up her term in prison for drug trafficking. The time in prison has changed her from a young woman in love with poor judgement to an impatient hardened woman with a fragile ego. Her only visitors have been her daughter and mother. Despite that, she holds a lot of resentment towards her mother for not better protecting her as a child, and feels the same guilt of not protecting her own. That guilt and anger has transferred over into her relationship with her daughter Julie, who she has always resented having. But Genevieve does not realize she and her daughter have more in common than they think, having both made decisions with grave consequences to protect the people they love.

16-19 / Female / Caucasian
Strong Texas accent. She is the youngest female of this family, strong-willed and rebellious. She is aiming to break the vicious circles of her family, despite the universe pushing her otherwise. She views her grandmother as more of a mother and her actual mother as more of a sister whom she dislikes. She is pregnant but hiding the father. Despite the pain her young life has shown her, she still has a sweetness, naivete and warmth the other women in the family have lost. She is a romantic and a lover of Top 40 music. Having had the importance of family taught to her at a young age, she is the most willing to act for the well-being of her family, even if it is against her own personal best interest. But she knows her own family is beyond repair. She likes to push her grandmother, crack jokes, and drive her a bit crazy.

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