UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS [Film, FEATURE FILM]: Most roles are either a one day shoot or a two day shoot. Filming will take place in the Tri-state....
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WEBMD: EDADS68: MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS [Industrial, Web/Internet]: THIS PROJECT WILL BE SHOT VIRTUALLY IN YOUR HOME. You will need to have a relatively new MacBook....
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WEBMD MS289: SCHIZOPHRENIA (FROM CRD) [Industrial, Web/Internet]: This is a one day shoot on Friday, July 31st. WebMD specializes in creating true-to-life patient....
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A SHORT TUTORIAL [Web/Internet]: A SHORT TUTORIAL is a dramedy web series following Kelsey Short, a 29-year-old woman who moves back....
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NEW MAYBELLINE NY (online tutorial series) [Web/Internet]: The scope is to cast three Real New Yorkers that will be doing virtual tutorials with Maybelline’s
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SHRM - HANDS (Hand Models) [Commercial, Web/Internet]: HANDS & WRISTS ONLY (will be filmed). Must be able to self report to East Hanover NJ. All OSHA....
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HAIRCARE PRODUCT [Web/Internet]: How to videos for Alterna haircare products. The 2 videos will demonstrate how a stylist uses the....
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TECH COMPANY (VIDEO & STILLS) [Print, Web/Internet]: This is for the launch of new tech, to be used on the company's website, blog, and internally.....
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LUCKY GIRL (Additional roles) [Film]: When a racist criminal justice system puts Gwen’s husband behind bars for a robbery he didn't
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WEBMD: EDADS66:METASTATIC ADVANCED BREAST CANCER PIK3CA (FROM CRD) [Industrial, Web/Internet]: WebMD specializes in creating true-to-life patient simulations for continuing medical education.....
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WEB MD (German Patient) [Industrial, Web/Internet]: This is an in-person shoot at a studio in Wayne, NJ. All SAG safety guidelines will be closely....
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Secret Streaming Music Service [Industrial, Voice Over, Web/Internet]: We will let you know Monday or Tuesday the exact day we are casting the UK talent. Casting....
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SKINCARE VIDEOS [Web/Internet]: Talent to act out how to use skincare products on camera for a skincare brand in a fun and playful....
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BOBCAT MORETTI (Still Seeking)
Posted on: 05/11/20
Casting Director: Apply to view!
Company/Link: Apply to view!
Client/Artist: Apply to view!
Casting Location: Apply to view!
Shoot Location: Apply to view!
Shoot Date: Apply to view!
Casting Date: Apply to view!
Day Rate: Apply to view!
Usage Rate: Apply to view!
Usage - Type: Apply to view!
Usage - Length of Time: Apply to view!
Usage - Location: Apply to view!
Job Type: Apply to view!
Union Status: Apply to view!


49-62 / Female / African-American/African, Asian, Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity, South Asian/Indian
*MUST be in excellent shape and have boxing experience. STAR NAME ONLY. NEGOTIABLE RATE. A tough boxing coach, ripped. May be small in stature, but can definitely beat anyone up in the ring. She has a face that has seen it all. Blanketed underneath her self-confidence is a layer of insecurity. She always says what is on her mind and doesn’t care. However, she has a good heart.

27-35 / Female / African-American/African, Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity
A striking, fit boxer and young mother to a nine-year-old girl. Lacey immediately catches the eye of Bobby, because she has confidence. The two broken characters develop a very platonic bond with each other.

40-44 / Male / Caucasian
The much more practical older brother of the lead and a true family man. Charlie has a wife and two kids, with one more on the way. He works at a job he doesn’t love in order to support his family. He tries to help his brother get his head on his shoulders, and even though he has a dark past himself, he always tries to be the voice of reason.

39-43 / Female / All Ethnicities
Charlie’s sweet and headstrong wife. She welcomes Bobby into her home with open arms. She is pregnant throughout the film and already a mother to two boys.

50-65 / Male / All Ethnicities
Jo’s right hand man at the gym, although he mainly just gets drunk and sleeps in the back office. He helps to train Bobby and also serves as the referee whenever there is a match at the gym.

69-80 / Female / Caucasian
Bobby and Charlie’s beautiful mother who suffers from dementia and ends up dying in the story.

4-6 / Male / Caucasian
5 years old. Son of Charlie and Debra. Younger brother to Oliver.

6-8 / Male / Caucasian
7 years old. Son of Charlie and Debra. Older brother to Noah.

35-40 / Male / All Ethnicities
*MUST be in excellent shape and have boxing experience. PROFESSIONAL BOXER WANTED. Another one of Jo’s prizefighters. Tony is very intimidating, in excellent shape. He has a scar going down his cheek. He is also Lacey’s on-again, off-again boyfriend. He has a very hot temper and is known to hit Lacey from time to time. He challenges Bobby to a fight in the main ring.

31-37 / Female / Caucasian
Bobby’s wife seen mainly in flashbacks. This actress must be willing to go through the long process of applying prosthetic make-up.

35-38 / Male / All Ethnicities
Bobby’s sketchy drug dealer.

25-60 / Female / All Ethnicities
Jean works with Bobby at his accounting job in Los Angeles. She takes it way more seriously than he does.

50-70 / Male / Caucasian
MUST be in excellent physical shape and have boxing experience Bobby and Charlie’s deceased father, only seen in flashbacks.

25-32 / Male / Asian, Mixed Ethnicity, Other, South Asian/Indian
*MUST be in excellent physical shape and have boxing experience. One of Jo’s three main prize fighters. He has a great attitude, he's tough, smart, and eager.

50-70 / Male / All Ethnicities
Dr. Shaw recommends an MRI for Bobby in order to figure out why Bobby is dealing with certain physical issues.

50-70 / Female / All Ethnicities
Dr. Lewis informs Bobby of his mother’s serious illness.

7-10 / Female / African-American/African, Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity
Lacey’s adorable young daughter.

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