SKINCARE VIDEOS [Web/Internet]: Talent to act out how to use skincare products on camera for a skincare brand in a fun and playful....
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UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS [Film, Feature Film]: Most roles are either a one day shoot or a two day shoot. Filming will take place in the Tri-state....
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Raycon [Web/Internet]: One line speaking role, accent preferably American
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UNITED HEALTHCARE [Commercial, Print]: Will either shoot at people's homes or at a location. At all times the COVID- Protocols will....
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WEBMD MS290-01: HIV (FROM CRD) [Industrial, Web/Internet]: THIS PROJECT WILL BE SHOT VIRTUALLY IN YOUR HOME. This is a one day shoot for 4 hours WebMD....
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RAG AND BONE FALL 2020 [Print, Web/Internet]: Currently seeking submissions for the RAG AND BONE FALL 2020 campaign. The theme will be....
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WEBMD EDADS67: THROMBOCYTOPENIA [Industrial, Web/Internet]: WebMD specializes in creating true-to-life patient simulations for continuing medical education.....
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WEBMD EDADS69: CLEAR CELL RENAL CELL CARCINOMA [Industrial, Web/Internet]: THIS PROJECT WILL BE SHOT VIRTUALLY IN YOUR HOME. This is a one day shoot. WebMD specializes in....
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WEBMD EDADS71: NONRADIOGRAPHIC AXIAL SPONDYLOARTHRITIS [Industrial, Web/Internet]: This is a one day shoot; target shoot date sometime in the new few weeks. THIS PROJECT WILL BE....
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WEBMD MS290-02: HIV [Industrial, Web/Internet]: THIS PROJECT WILL BE SHOT VIRTUALLY IN YOUR HOME. WebMD specializes in creating true-to-life....
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SEASICK [Short Film]: An LGBTQ story about the struggles that come with a teenager knowing they’re gay, but not yet....
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SAXENDA (NEW ROLE) [Print, Web/Internet]:
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HIGH PROFILE QUICK SERVICE RESTAURANT [Commercial, Web/Internet]: TALENT MUST RESIDE IN ONE OF THE 5 BOROUGHS Very lightly scripted and the creative is themed....
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Posted on: 03/11/20
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20-23 / Male / African-American/African
Extremely smart and very poor, Bobby was attending Stanford on a physics scholarship. When it was discovered that other students were paying him to write papers, he was expelled and forced to move back home with his mother. After she died, he was transformed and given super powers. He is a smart ass believing he is smarter than everyone else.

38-43 / Female / Caucasian
Dialect is slight southern (Kentucky), she is a brilliant scientist. She spends several years working on a to secret project that uses sound to create super weapons. When the experiment goes horribly awry, kills millions of people, and begins a cataclysmic war, Dr. Julie turns against her previous employer and tries to make things right. She is no nonsense. Can see through your bullshit. Driven.

20-29 / Female / Hispanic
Conversationally fluent in Spanish, she is a dreamer brought to the country without documentation by her parents when she was three years old, Maria studied anthropology and Latino Studies at UC Berkeley for a year before dropping out. She’s always been the rebel in the family and struggles to fit in. Shortly after her parents are deported she’s transformed and given extraordinary abilities.

24-27 / Female / Hispanic
Must be conversationally fluent in Spanish, a dreamer brought to the country without documentation when she was five years old, Silvia attended UC Hayward and got a degree in nursing. Her parents have been recently deported and Silvia and her sister Maria were forced to sell all of their parents’ belongings. Silvia is smart and compassionate but there‘s tension between her and Maria because Maria feels that Silvia is the “perfect daughter” and everyone has always favored Silvia.

34-37 / Male / All Ethnicities
Self-less and charming. Big personality. Vance has seen crazy things and remains remarkably upbeat. After a stint in the Air Force, he joined the San Francisco Fire Dept. After the cataclysmic event that turned the country into a civil war, Vance now leads the local faction of rebels fighting to regain their freedom.

30-33 / Male / Caucasian
A brilliant doctor and scientist he eventually begins to test his subjects to horrific, immoral experiments to get better results. Immoral. Egotistical beyond compare. A modern day Josef Mengele.

34-37 / Male / All Ethnicities
A former high school principal, Simmons was transformed and given extraordinary abilities. He is now a religious fanatic that believes the end times are upon us and slaughters everyone to prepare the way for God's wrath. He is charming and terrifying. He wields religion like a knife.

44-49 / Male / All Ethnicities
A brilliant scientist whose research went awry killing millions of people and turning a select few into super powered beings. He persuades the government to let him hunt down and exterminate anyone with super powers. Xenophobic and Insane.

19-20 / Male / All Ethnicities
He was taken at a young age to the secret lab and subjected to horrific experiments that gave him extraordinary abilities. He escapes and murders his way to freedom. Horrified at what he did, he vows never to use his powers in anger. The government will stop at nothing to find him. Quiet. Socially awkward. Terrified of himself.

30-39 / Male / All Ethnicities
A religious fanatic, DEACON HENRY is an acolyte for an apocalyptical preacher named Simmons. Deacon Henry is the Harbinger, the one who puts the player on the path while also warning them of the dangers that lie ahead. Deacon Henry is a true believer. His body and soul belong to Simmons and Simmons’ pursuit of the End Times

50-50 / Male / All Ethnicities
Owns an apartment building in San Francisco

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