Corporate Industrial [Industrial]:
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EVITA (Dancers)(LA Auditions) [Stage/Theater]:
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BEHAVIORAL HEALTH OF THE FUTURE PSA [Web/Internet]: This is a PSA about Behavioral Health. Some actors will portray being depressed and/ or dealing....
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JOAH: “YOU” AND “GUAC STAR" [Commercial, Web/Internet]: “YOU” - This is an awesome spoof on Netflix's YOU. This is a spot for a pore deactivator.
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BAKERSFIELD MIST [Stage/Theater]: Maude, a fifty-something unemployed bartender living in a trailer park, has bought a painting for a....
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AMERICA'S JOURNEY [Documentary]: America’s Journey is a docudrama that navigates viewers through times of invention, equality, and....
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SPOTIFY (French VO) [Voice Over, Web/Internet]: Comedic native French speakers for scripted spot about music.
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ACESSA [Web/Internet]: The product is a medical product called Acessa. It's a pretty amazing new procedure to help....
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THE JUNGLE [Stage/Theater]: After taking London by storm at the Young Vic and in the West End, The Jungle transforms St. Ann’s
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KIDS CLOTHING BRAND PHOTO SHOOT [Print]: We are looking for cools unique kids! We want to bring visibility to a true diversity of kids and....
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Photoshoot for Kids Clothing Brand - New Shoot Date [Commercial, Web/Internet, Photoshoot]: The photographer is a very talented well known children’s and family photographer- Rachel Fellig
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CORPORATE VIDEO [Industrial, Web/Internet]: This a small scene that is apart of a much longer video that will be aimed at potential real estate....
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THE WAITRESS & THE ROBBER (WORLD PREMIERE) [Stage/Theater]: The Waitress & The Robber will have its world premiere in NYC. The hope is that the production....
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THE MIDDLE MAN (ROLE OF EDWARDS EVANS) [Stage/Theater]: An arms deal gone wrong launches both parties involved—a female Jewish insurgent and a British....
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THE VENUS THEATER ON THE AIR [Stage/Theater]: Storyline: We are casting for an episode in its flagship production, “ The Venus Theater on the....
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Posted on: 01/16/20
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20-30 / Female, Male / All Ethnicities
Role 1: Paddington (hand/hands) 20-30
Candidates must demonstrate brilliant puppeteering experience with a talking ‘muppet-syle’ two-handed puppet (think cookie-monster). Puppeteers’ hands will be elevated and not visible throughout the performance. There are multiple Paddington puppets in the show and you will always be performing this role with at least two other performers.
Must be non-union and flexible with hours. Must be a team-player and flexible.

20-30 / Female, Male / All Ethnicities
Role 2: Paddington (mouth & hand)
In addition to the skills required for role 1;
Must have a warm and friendly English. Recommend watching the two recent Paddington movies for great examples.

20-30 / Female, Male / All Ethnicities
In addition to the skills required for roles 1 and 2;
You will also appear in on scene as the Great Aunt of Mr Curry.
Cantankerous, old and angry. You should be funny not threatening in your delivery.
Can be played by a Male OR Female.

20-40 / Male / All Ethnicities
Mr Curry is Paddington’s cantankerous, exasperated and frustrated next door neighbor who often takes advantage of Paddington to do chores. Underneath Mr Curry’s mean-spirited nature he has a soft-spot for Paddington, but he would never admit it. It is important that this warm quality shine through and not just appear to be a grumpy, angry man.
Mr Curry performs the role of the ‘fall-guy’ in this production so ‘clowning’ skills and a good sense of space and physical abilities are essential. You must be able to make people laugh.
A convincing male aged 30+ (40+ is better). Helpful to be above 5’ (6’ or above is better)
Must be available and flexible with hours. Must be a team-player.

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