UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS [Film, FEATURE FILM]: Most roles are either a one day shoot or a two day shoot. Filming will take place in the Tri-state....
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WEBMD: EDADS68: MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS [Industrial, Web/Internet]: THIS PROJECT WILL BE SHOT VIRTUALLY IN YOUR HOME. You will need to have a relatively new MacBook....
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WEBMD MS289: SCHIZOPHRENIA (FROM CRD) [Industrial, Web/Internet]: This is a one day shoot on Friday, July 31st. WebMD specializes in creating true-to-life patient....
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A SHORT TUTORIAL [Web/Internet]: A SHORT TUTORIAL is a dramedy web series following Kelsey Short, a 29-year-old woman who moves back....
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NEW MAYBELLINE NY (online tutorial series) [Web/Internet]: The scope is to cast three Real New Yorkers that will be doing virtual tutorials with Maybelline’s
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SHRM - HANDS (Hand Models) [Commercial, Web/Internet]: HANDS & WRISTS ONLY (will be filmed). Must be able to self report to East Hanover NJ. All OSHA....
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HAIRCARE PRODUCT [Web/Internet]: How to videos for Alterna haircare products. The 2 videos will demonstrate how a stylist uses the....
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TECH COMPANY (VIDEO & STILLS) [Print, Web/Internet]: This is for the launch of new tech, to be used on the company's website, blog, and internally.....
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LUCKY GIRL (Additional roles) [Film]: When a racist criminal justice system puts Gwen’s husband behind bars for a robbery he didn't
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WEBMD: EDADS66:METASTATIC ADVANCED BREAST CANCER PIK3CA (FROM CRD) [Industrial, Web/Internet]: WebMD specializes in creating true-to-life patient simulations for continuing medical education.....
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WEB MD (German Patient) [Industrial, Web/Internet]: This is an in-person shoot at a studio in Wayne, NJ. All SAG safety guidelines will be closely....
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Secret Streaming Music Service [Industrial, Voice Over, Web/Internet]: We will let you know Monday or Tuesday the exact day we are casting the UK talent. Casting....
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SKINCARE VIDEOS [Web/Internet]: Talent to act out how to use skincare products on camera for a skincare brand in a fun and playful....
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Posted on: 01/15/20
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Sarah Woodley - LEAD
18-22 / Female / All Ethnicities
18, MUST BE 18 or OLDER. Sarah is passionate and intelligent, Sarah Woodley often feels pressured to make up her mind, but once she gets started on something she cares about, she’ll never stop. Despite her mother’s infatuation with Craig, Sarah is immediately skeptical of her college advisor and mother’s new boyfriend. When a few strange occurrences link back to Craig, Sarah decides to investigate and finds herself the target of an obsessive and very dangerous man.

Craig Green - LEAD
38-45 / Male / All Ethnicities
Craig is good looking and charming with a devious smile, Craig Green is a successful, cunning man who values family above all else, despite his twisted definition of the word. Behind the charm is an angry, obsessive man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Using manipulation and eventually violence, Craig zeroes in on Karen and Sarah, determined to succeed at yet another attempt to build the perfect family.

Principal Ellen Higgins - SUPPORTING
45-60 / Female / All Ethnicities
Extremely organized and thorough, Principal Higgins has the look of a woman who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She’s stern yet compassionate, and wants the best for her students. Principal Higgins isn’t easily alarmed, but start to suspect somethings strange when one of her teachers disappears out of the blue.

Karen / Mrs. Woodley - LEAD
35-45 / Female / All Ethnicities
Karen is a caring, hardworking woman who always wants what’s best for her daughter, Karen is a high school teacher doing her best as a single mother after her husband walked out a few years ago. Concerned for Sarah’s future, Karen agrees to meet with Craig, a college advisor. Sparks fly immediately, and Karen falls quickly under his spell, unaware of the extreme measures Craig takes behind her back to ensure that Sarah and Karen are his forever.

18-23 / Male / All Ethnicities
Age 18. MUST BE 18 0R OLDER. Jason is a likeable high school senior doing his best to win back his girl, Jason is Sarah’s ex-boyfriend. Technically, they’re “on a break”, but Jason is crazy about Sarah and will do anything to prove that he wants to be with her - including rescuing her from a crazed attacker.

Darby Grant - SUPPORTING
18-23 / Female / All Ethnicities
Age 18. MUST BE 18 OR OLDER. Darby is a popular high school senior and Sarah’s best friend, Darby is on the same wavelength and shares her suspicions about Craig. However, Darby doesn’t want to get too involved and worries that Sarah might put herself in harm’s way...SUPPORTING...Submit all ethnicities..

35-50 / Male / All Ethnicities
Age 35 – 50. Uptight, nerdy and a bit awkward, Mr. Crane is the kind of teacher who likes to be referred to by his last name only - he takes his job seriously and expects the same from his students. Mr. Crane clearly pines for Mrs. Woodley and bravely stands up for her after a confrontation with Craig, unfortunately leading to his untimely death.

Dr. Lori Sanders
40-65 / Female / All Ethnicities
A successful psychiatrist with a well-practiced look of reserved compassion, Dr. Lori Sanders regularly meets with Craig to discuss his impulsive nature and anger issues. She does her best to remain patient and objective, but his rising fury leaves her quite concerned.

1 speech & 16 lines, 3 scenes.

25-35 / Female / All Ethnicities
Working as a waitress at a retro diner, Trish is surprised when Sarah arrives asking questions about Craig Green. Trish went through a similar experience and is clearly traumatized, but tells Sarah everything to help her avoid the same fate.

1 speech & 16 lines, 2 scenes

Mr. Gibson
35-50 / Male / All Ethnicities
A high school English teacher, Mr. Gibson’s lecture is interrupted by a principal with bad news; he delivers the tragic information to the class.

4 lines, 1 scene

Mrs. Christie
50-59 / Female / All Ethnicities
An impressed district administrator, Mrs. Christie is seen in a meeting with Craig where she happily offers him a position.

1 line, 1 scene

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