BMVL IV (Book of Mormom Visual Library) [Industrial]: The visitation of Jesus Christ to the Peoples of Ancient America after his resurrection, as told in....
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ACESSA [Web/Internet]: The product is a medical product called Acessa. It's a pretty amazing new procedure to help....
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LATIN US (Online New Channel in Mexico) [Promo]: This will be a night shoot, from approximately 5PM to midnight outdoors in NYC. It is a promo for....
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IL MAKIAGE (FOUNDATION + CONCEALER) [Web/Internet, Video]: Makeup application tutorial videos.
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AMERICA'S JOURNEY (Additional roles/Extras) [Web/Internet, Documentary]: America’s Journey is a docudrama that navigates viewers through times of invention, equality, and....
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WELL KNOWN RETIREMENT FINANCIAL SERVICES COMPANY [Commercial]: All Talent Must have US citizenship and valid US passport.
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Corporate Industrial [Industrial]:
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EVITA (Dancers)(LA Auditions) [Stage/Theater]:
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BEHAVIORAL HEALTH OF THE FUTURE PSA [Web/Internet]: This is a PSA about Behavioral Health. Some actors will portray being depressed and/ or dealing....
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JOAH: “YOU” AND “GUAC STAR" [Commercial, Web/Internet]: “YOU” - This is an awesome spoof on Netflix's YOU. This is a spot for a pore deactivator.
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BAKERSFIELD MIST [Stage/Theater]: Maude, a fifty-something unemployed bartender living in a trailer park, has bought a painting for a....
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AMERICA'S JOURNEY [Documentary]: America’s Journey is a docudrama that navigates viewers through times of invention, equality, and....
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SPOTIFY (French VO) [Voice Over, Web/Internet]: Comedic native French speakers for scripted spot about music.
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THE JUNGLE [Stage/Theater]: After taking London by storm at the Young Vic and in the West End, The Jungle transforms St. Ann’s
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KIDS CLOTHING BRAND PHOTO SHOOT [Print]: We are looking for cools unique kids! We want to bring visibility to a true diversity of kids and....
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Posted on: 12/09/19
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Shoot Date: Apply to view!
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Union Status: Apply to view!


18-35 / Female / Caucasian, Mixed Ethnicity
Must have pre-existing color for application of enhancing conditioner. Talent will need to use the product on camera, it’s a color enhancing conditioner. No staining.

Hair length - shoulders or longer (would be great if one girl has curly hair)

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