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Posted on: 12/02/19
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55-70 / Female / Caucasian
Born in Brooklyn, New York. Jeans is only daughter in her family. Her father was a painter. When she was 14 years old, there was a fire at the apartment building, her father burnt his right hand when he attempts to save Jeans. Almost all the paintings of her father were destroyed on fire. Jeans was repeatedly sent to and back from the mental hospitals since she was 21 years old. Despite of her physical age, Jeans switches into a 14 years girl’s mentality, depending on who she interacts with, and the situation she’s in. It is still questionable whether or not if her father’s harsh words towards her paintings was due to jealousy, or the intent to push her to do better. Every conversation they had always ended with tears and argument, with Jeans having to defend her paintings. (And after a few hours, Jeans would recover as if the argument never happened) In her spare time, Jeans likes to collect gadgets she could find in the hospital. Real painter a plus, but not required

50-70 / Male / Caucasian, Middle Eastern/North African
Appears wise beyond his age, and speaks like a scholar. A native of Brooklyn Queens, Israel is a Jewish man who probably has been in the Scenary Hospital longer than anyone else. In his early 20s, he met his partner Dean while getting his car fixed as the garage. Together, they went on a road trip, both inspired by a booked call “On the Road.” The journey lasted five years; after they spent all their money, they were forced to go their separate to make ends meet. Few years later, Dean got in touch with Israel, and they went on another trip that last eight years that ended in a tragic accident where Dean was killed, and Israel deeply injured. After Israel recovered in the hospital, he believes Dean is still alive, and have been living with Dean in the mental hospital ever since.

40-55 / Female / Asian
Second Generation Immigrant; born in Baltimore, where her parents ran a Chinese Restaurant for living. She ran away from home to New York, after refusing to marry a man selected by her parents and to inherit the restaurant business. With her new found freedom, she follows her passion and studies acting. At age 24, she married a pharmacist, but the marriage only lasted three years. At 28, Shirley got the most important role in her life, playing Kim in the second version of Miss Saigon. At the age of 39, she was married again with banker who was 10 years her senior and together, they have a child. However, her long acting career made it difficult for her to balance between family and jobs. She became increasingly indifferent to marriage and family affection. At the age of 41, she began writing her own drama ‘Fly to the Star.’ She was taken to Scenery Hospital at the age of 45 after going mad during a stage play. Real Violinist a plus, but not required.

35-60 / Male / Asian
Born in Flushing Queens, son of a prostitute, Billy has been involved with local gangs at a young age. Married his childhood sweetheart, and after his child was born, he was heavily in stealing and robbery, to maintain the family’s living expense. During a jewelry store robbery, Billy was severely injured and became disabled. After failing to quit his bad habit, and attempted suicide, his wife persuaded him to turn himself in. After 20 years in prison, he was unable to integrate into the society, he choose to send himself to the Scenery Hospital. Tattoos a plus, but not required.

18-28 / Male / African-American/African, Hispanic
Adopted by a Caucasian Couple, Austin has always struggled in his childhood, with his ethnic identity, as well as being mocked due to different skin color from his parents. He purposely distance himself from his adoptive parents during his college years, with plans to setup a journey to find his birth mother. After graduation, his over bearing parents made him feel guilty that he might be betraying their care. Austin became distraught and depressed. He sent himself to the Scenery Hospital.

18-28 / Female / Hispanic
Growing up with in a single parent family; after her father became more intoxicated with alcohol abuse, she decided to move to New York to live with her aunt. While in College, she was drugged and raped at a party. When she found out she was pregnant, she developed tangency to self-harm. When her roommate found Christina was self-inflicting injuries to her stomach area; she was sent to Scenery Hospital.

21-30 / Female / African-American/African
Grew up in an orphanage in Queens New York, Lisa never had the luxury of growing up in a family. After she became legally adult, she earns her living by working at a barber shop. After three robbery incidents, Lisa developed sever paranoid schizophrenia, and sent to the Scenery Hospital. While Lisa remains anti-social, she does warm up to a few people in the hospital. Real hair dresser or salon experience a plus, but not required

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