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MEDIACOM GIGABITS [Commercial, TV, Web/Internet]:
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Posted on: 10/22/19
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30-45 / Male / All Ethnicities
Works as an over night security guard after losing his police position due to what he feels is his mistake during a school shooting. A man resigned to endure his lot in his self made life of isolation until a chance encounter reignites his soul and offers him a way to make things right. A heart of gold but deeply broken. Physically demanding role.

20-25 / Female / All Ethnicities
A smart and savvy street hustler. Loves reading her horoscope, but if it's not what she likes, she'll use another. Well versed with heels or a switch blade, a survivor. Physically demanding role.

25-35 / Male / All Ethnicities
A tough street hustler selling women for his own survival. He will stop at nothing to make a buck. Bases his life on one day winning a scratch ticket. Physical Role.

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