WEB MD (Patient) [Industrial]:
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THE NICETIES (STILL SEEKING) [Stage/Theater]: When Zoe is called into her history professor’s office to discuss a paper about the American....
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ECOBEE [Voice Over]: Ecobee makes wi-fi enabled smart thermostats for residential and commercial applications. VOICE....
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UNITED NATIONS - VIDEO SPOT [Web/Internet]: We're casting a very special video spot for the United Nations, about a young teenager and....
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KNICKERBOCKER CHAMBER ORCHESTRA (Vocal Soloists) [Stage/Theater, Live Project]: Founded in 2008, the Knickerbocker Chamber Orchestra brings outstanding orchestral and chamber....
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LECHE - New Role Added [Film, Web/Internet]: Nina is a ten-year old Dominican American girl who believes she can perform miracles after....
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CLOTHING SUBSCRIPTION UNBOXING VIDEO [Commercial]: Casting multiple women for a series of unboxing videos for a clothing subscription company. Fun,....
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ASIAN MOBILE VIDEO CAMPAIGN 2 [Commercial, TV, Web/Internet]: A trio of Skateboarders records their journey using their high technology Video phone, that will....
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DOCKER'S [Web/Internet]:
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HEATING MAT V2 - SCIENCE OF THE HEATING MAT [Web/Internet, Infomercial]: Infomercial about the benefits and science of the heating mat. Green Screen with a teleprompter.
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TECH COMPANY COMEDY COMMERCIAL [Commercial]: Two separate 60 second spots, both shot interview style with actors talking directly to camera. 1:....
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Happy Chef Web Photography [Web/Internet]: Must Self-Report to Howell, NJ
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INFOR SOFTWARE (Software Launch) [Web/Internet]: 5-7 minute video demonstrating the current versus future state of the company's internal....
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MOTHER (2 NEW ROLES) [Film]: “Mother” a Horror/Thriller: School teacher Christina is neatly tucked away in the small....
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Posted on: 10/09/19
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38-50 / Male / Hispanic
Solomon's co-worker at the recycling plant. A relaxed, and laid-back man with a sense of humor. Always on the lookout to keep Solomon out of trouble. Talent must speak Fluent Spanish (preferably, Mexican Spanish)

38-50 / Male / Asian
A frequent patron at the Karaoke Bar; requests Chuyao to accompany him at the Karaoke Bar. While partying with his friends, he encourages Chuyao to use chemical hallucinate, which puts her in semi-conscious state; with his strange fetish, he instructs his men to lift her up as if she is flying.. then place her in a plastic bag.. and a vacuumed sealed. the act came to an abrupt stop when Chuyao became none-responsive. Talent must be comfortable with a staged scenario noted above, as well as light staged fight scene. A fight choreographer will be on set to stage the scene. Talent must able to speak Chinese

40-60 / Female / Hispanic
The supervisor at the Collection Center. Solomon usually brings some of his discoveries to Maria, hoping she would buy some of the goodies. Speaks fluent Spanish.

35-48 / Male, Female, Other / Asian
Owner of the Nail Salon. Sits behind the counter, assign her nail salon workers to ensure everyone gets to work, and continues to work. It is unclear if she is aware some of her workers might be illegal immigrant. Must speak fluent Mandarin Chinese.

40-60 / Male / Hispanic
Solomon's loud boss at the recycling plant. Not too thrilled with Solomon's 'science project' and threaten him to take everything down. Speaks Spanglish (immigrated to the US at very young age).

35-80 / Male / Asian
These business-looking men accompanies Mr. Tao to the Karaoke Bar. These men likes to entertain Mr. Tao and engage in his strange fetish of partying using chemical hallucinate, and help concealing Chuyao into a plastic bag... and vacuumed the air out. Talent must be comfortable with a staged scenario noted above, as well as lifting an actor up as a group, and light staged fight scene. A fight choreographer will be on set to stage the scene. Talent must able to speak Chinese.

25-40 / Male / Asian
A bouncer who works at the Karaoke Bar. Must be tall with fit/muscular/large build. The bouncer wants to throw Solomon out of the Karaoke and engaged in a bar fight. Stage fighting experience a plus but not required. Must be comfortable with staged fight scene.

45-60 / Male / Asian
An older generation Chinese immigrant being interviewed by a reporter on his thoughts the disturbing dead bodies found in a meet freezer. Speaks English with a heavy Chinese accent.

30-40 / Male, Female / Caucasian
A neat, sharp looking Reporter appearing on the TV Screen, reporting on the discovery of disturbing murder where fourteen dead bodies were found in a meat freezer.

25-40 / Male, Female / All Ethnicities
The tattoo artist gives Chuyao a tattoo on the back of her neck, as well as implementing a tracking device under her skin. Talent should have obvious visible tattoos with great coverage on the body; Talent must also own the rights to the tattoos, and allow usage in the film. The talent does not require to be an actual tattoo artist (but a plus).

32-45 / Male / All Ethnicities
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent who checks on Chuyao, asked for her ID, and ran it through the system. Very straight forward, and bit passive aggressive. We will be casting two ICE Agents

30-50 / Male / Caucasian
A religious righteous man who happened to be the unfortunate kidnapped victim, when Solomon stole his car, and locked him in the trunk. Talent must be comfortable being inside of a Car Trunk for a very short amount of time; talent will not be filmed inside of a moving car.

30-50 / Male / Asian
An influential, manipulative, and dangerous business man. The leader of an underground human trafficking organization. On the surface, he appears to be Chuyao’s guardian, but truth implies he is using Chuyao to charm and scam money from his business partners. Talent must speak fluent Mandarin Chinese, and comfortable with staged fight scene. Stage Combat experience a plus; but not required.

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