RAY'S LAST VISIT (Student Film) [Short Film]: Story: A comedic drama about the attempts of a young real estate agent, Tiffany Gauthier, to sell....
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VUSE VAPE [Web/Internet]: Attractive Fashion Forward Male/Females hang around Brooklyn/NYC. They are VUSE vape users. Talent....
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INNISFREE [Web/Internet]:
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THE CREDIT BOAT'//SHOTS [Promo, Web/Internet]: All actors should be good with comedy
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DARWIN [Commercial, Web/Internet]: Local MD hires only. The man & woman are playing a couple
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VEGAS HIGH (NY) (2 Roles) - Pilot [TV, Web/Internet]: STORY: LAURA HERNANDEZ is 14 years old, and her life is at a crossroads. "Vegas High" is....
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LOREAL! HAIR MODELS [Promo, Web/Internet]: This shoot is for a TONERS (which is used on colored hair) -Very light blondes (high lift....
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FATHER & SON [Print, Promo, Web/Internet]:
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Posted on: 09/27/19
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50-75 / Male / All Ethnicities
Living in memory-loss bliss, John spends his time playing video games and enjoying his free time. He has a good relationship with his wife, who abides by all her wifely duties for him. Since he can't remember losing -- let alone HAVING -- a son, his life is pretty good right now. He doesn't want Mary worrying about him all the time, cause he's "PERFECTLY FINE." He's snarky and funny, a culmination of the pain he's been repressing

48-70 / Female / All Ethnicities
Mary DOES remember the death of her son Theo, and has spent the majority of her years without him trying to shield her husband John from any memories that might make him more distressed (by keeping their son's door locked/taking his pictures off the walls). Her initial plea for John to take up a hobby is to keep his brain active and occupied so that his condition doesn't worsen. She doesn't think playing video games all day is doing him any good. When the tree comes into their life, she is reminded once again of what it is like to be a mother and falls down that rabbit hole.

18-28 / Male / Caucasian, Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity
Existing in the film as a projection of John's grief/guilt, his life is really built around helping out his 'only friends' John and Mary. There are father-son moments between them that make the audience scratch their chins on 'what was that line about?' but we won't know for sure until the end of the film. Theo is laid back and wise, sometimes even more mature than John. We will see Theo's health start to deteriorate as John's memory starts to clear up towards the end of the film.

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