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MERCK [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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SECRET SODA [Commercial, Web/Internet]: Story line: We’re creating a series of short vignettes. Each vignette is focused on a “thirsty
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THE DOUBLE SUPER SECRET CELL [Web/Internet]: Story line: Two native 22-year-old Syrian boys think they, signed up for a wonderful trip to....
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MAJOR CAR COMPANY [Commercial, Industrial, TV, Web/Internet]:
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L'ALPHABETE NOIRE [Short Film]: These will be four short films based on the first four letters of the alphabet. The filmmakers....
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ALL LIVING THINGS [Short Film]: Story line: Josh, who suffers from depression and anxiety, wakes up on the morning of his best....
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MEDISMS- MS250 [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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MEDISMS- S39 [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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Teacher [Commercial, Print]: This shoot is for a wooden toy kit manufacture. We need a female 'teacher'.
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Natural White Blond [Commercial, Print]: This shoot is for a wooden toy kit manufacture. they are looking for a natural white blond 'Mo
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PHARMA-LOOKING FOR DWARFS [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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HOSPITALITY V/O **DEADLINE NOON!** [Voice Over, Web/Internet]:
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ONSITE HEALTH CENTER [Voice Over]: This is part of the series of online videos promoting Onsite Health Center. These videos will be....
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Posted on: 08/23/19
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6-12 / Female / Asian
While she has adjusted living under the co-parenting life of her divorced parents, she is not ready to call a stranger “sister.” Days before her father and Ellen’s wedding, Jenny is asked to pick a gift for her new sister. The doll she picked became a tool for her to channel her frustration. Jenny is quirky, calculated, and stubborn. Jenny’s situation reflecting the sad reality how a parent can be insensitive and not managing a child’s feeling when it comes to second marriage. Child talent must have valid NY State working permit

28-35 / Male / Asian
Jenny’s father, Lin’s ex-husband. A warm hearted, charming man who is excited to marry the new love of his life, Ellen. While his relationship with Ellen may have progressed in a positive direction, he may have not invested enough time for his daughter to get to know Ellen and Sharon. There will be a brief scene involving Jon flirts and making out with Ellen. Actor needs to be comfortable with kissing and body contacts with female scene partner. No nudity, nothing explicit

6-11 / Female / Asian
Ellen’s daughter, seemingly younger than Jenny. Innocent, naive, and trusting. Sharon is happy to have a new sister, and absolutely loves the doll Jenny gave her. Sharon is very clingy with Jon. Child talent must be comfortable being held by adult actors (Jon & Ellen) and getting kissed on the cheek. Principal. Youth talent must have valid NY state working permit

25-35 / Female / Asian
Sharon’s mother and Jon’s soon-to-be wife. A modern, stylish, career-driven woman. A well rounded mom who is successful in juggling being a business woman and a mother. Ellen is very considerate and extends her love to Jenny. Actress must be comfortable kissing and making out with a male scene partner (Jon), the brief flirt scene may involve body contact at the breast area (fully clothed). No nudity, nothing explicit.

25-35 / Female / Asian
Jenny’s Mother, seemingly have a civilized divorce and co-parenting with Jon. Former lovers are now interacting more as friends. Neutral towards Jon’s wedding. Lin suggested Jenny to buy a gift for her new sister

36-45 / Male / Asian
Both the Host and Jack are friends of Jon & Ellen, they helped in facilitating the wedding banquet

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