THE LION IN WINTER [Stage/Theater]:
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Bugs [Short Film]: BUGS is a horror/thriller short film about a woman who is tormented by nightmares of bugs. Her....
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MY PLATE! The New Food Guide Musical [Stage/Theater]: Charitable NUTRITION EDUCATION INTERVENTIONS for disadvantaged children in public schools. The....
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WEB MD (Patient) [Industrial]:
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THE NICETIES (STILL SEEKING) [Stage/Theater]: When Zoe is called into her history professor’s office to discuss a paper about the American....
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ECOBEE [Voice Over]: Ecobee makes wi-fi enabled smart thermostats for residential and commercial applications. VOICE....
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UNITED NATIONS - VIDEO SPOT [Web/Internet]: We're casting a very special video spot for the United Nations, about a young teenager and....
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KNICKERBOCKER CHAMBER ORCHESTRA (Vocal Soloists) [Stage/Theater, Live Project]: Founded in 2008, the Knickerbocker Chamber Orchestra brings outstanding orchestral and chamber....
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LECHE - New Role Added [Film, Web/Internet]: Nina is a ten-year old Dominican American girl who believes she can perform miracles after....
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CLOTHING SUBSCRIPTION UNBOXING VIDEO [Commercial]: Casting multiple women for a series of unboxing videos for a clothing subscription company. Fun,....
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ASIAN MOBILE VIDEO CAMPAIGN 2 [Commercial, TV, Web/Internet]: A trio of Skateboarders records their journey using their high technology Video phone, that will....
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DOCKER'S [Web/Internet]:
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HEATING MAT V2 - SCIENCE OF THE HEATING MAT [Web/Internet, Infomercial]: Infomercial about the benefits and science of the heating mat. Green Screen with a teleprompter.
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TECH COMPANY COMEDY COMMERCIAL [Commercial]: Two separate 60 second spots, both shot interview style with actors talking directly to camera. 1:....
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Posted on: 08/20/19
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30-45 / Female / Hispanic
Naturally fit/toned, but not chiseled or buff. Not a fitness model. Just an overall fit person who looks like they can handle the job. She has to feel real, not like she’s pretending or overly attractive. Must be expressive and a great, subtle actress.

30-45 / Female / African-American/African
Not overly fit but not out of shape. This person is working consistently long hours so doesn’t have time for much else, but she’s always on her feet around the hospital, so her figure should reflect that. She is working hard to support her daughter and family, and often has to sacrifice spending time with them to work. Not too tall or model looking. She has to feel real, not like she’s pretending or overly attractive. Must be expressive and a great, subtle actress


45-60 / Male / Caucasian
He is someone who works incredibly hard and long hours to support his family, whom he often doesn't get to see or spend time with because of it. Not athletic - soft but not overweight. Average height, possible with a beard or thinning hair or a conservative cut with streaks of grey. Needs to reflect this age range. Looks fit enough to do a job with his hands, like plumbing, but again not overly buff or bodybuilder-esque. He has to feel real, not like he’s pretending or overly attractive. Must be expressive and a great, subtle actor.


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