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MERCK [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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SECRET SODA [Commercial, Web/Internet]: Story line: We’re creating a series of short vignettes. Each vignette is focused on a “thirsty
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THE DOUBLE SUPER SECRET CELL [Web/Internet]: Story line: Two native 22-year-old Syrian boys think they, signed up for a wonderful trip to....
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MAJOR CAR COMPANY [Commercial, Industrial, TV, Web/Internet]:
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L'ALPHABETE NOIRE [Short Film]: These will be four short films based on the first four letters of the alphabet. The filmmakers....
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ALL LIVING THINGS [Short Film]: Story line: Josh, who suffers from depression and anxiety, wakes up on the morning of his best....
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MEDISMS- MS250 [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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MEDISMS- S39 [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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Teacher [Commercial, Print]: This shoot is for a wooden toy kit manufacture. We need a female 'teacher'.
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Natural White Blond [Commercial, Print]: This shoot is for a wooden toy kit manufacture. they are looking for a natural white blond 'Mo
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PHARMA-LOOKING FOR DWARFS [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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HOSPITALITY V/O **DEADLINE NOON!** [Voice Over, Web/Internet]:
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ONSITE HEALTH CENTER [Voice Over]: This is part of the series of online videos promoting Onsite Health Center. These videos will be....
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Posted on: 08/12/19
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11-14 / Female / All Ethnicities
Innocent, uncomfortable in her own body, and pure intentioned. Ritchie likes to believe the best in people, especially her lonely, overworked mother. But when a stranger spinning tall tales makes her question whether her mother is in danger, Ritchie isn't sure what to believe. **Ritchie is originally from Texas, so ability to speak in slight accent required.**

13-15 / Female / All Ethnicities
Mysterious, electric, and rough around the edges, Zadie thinks of herself as a skilled liar. The trick is to make lies sound like truths... and the truths sound like lies. *Ability to speak in Southern accent required** (Is possibly from Texas)

32-37 / Female / All Ethnicities
Lonely and overworked, single mother Suzy is used to men's wandering eyes on her, but when a handsome stranger passes through the motel where she works as a maid, she's helpless against his seemingly genuine flattery.

35-40 / Male / All Ethnicities
Those who meet Archie at roadside gas stations or motels believe him to be a charming drifter and caring father. But there's more to Archie than meets the eye. He's both totally entrancing and totally dangerous.

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