L'ALPHABETE NOIRE [Short Film]: These will be four short films based on the first four letters of the alphabet. The filmmakers....
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ALL LIVING THINGS [Short Film]: Story line: Josh, who suffers from depression and anxiety, wakes up on the morning of his best....
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MEDISMS- MS250 [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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MEDISMS- S39 [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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Teacher [Commercial, Print]: This shoot is for a wooden toy kit manufacture. We need a female 'teacher'.
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Natural White Blond [Commercial, Print]: This shoot is for a wooden toy kit manufacture. they are looking for a natural white blond 'Mo
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PHARMA-LOOKING FOR DWARFS [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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HOSPITALITY V/O **DEADLINE NOON!** [Voice Over, Web/Internet]:
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ONSITE HEALTH CENTER [Voice Over]: This is part of the series of online videos promoting Onsite Health Center. These videos will be....
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SCHICK [Web/Internet]: Models will shave face, chest or armpits for international market. Digital, how-to videos, how to....
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HIGH STRUNG [Film, Web/Internet]: SYNOPSIS: When a tennis player returns from an injury to find he can't play as well as he had....
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OPDV [Industrial, Web/Internet]: Story line: This is a short instructional video for the NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic....
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ESPN [Web/Internet]: Must be comfortable portraying a same sex couple
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Posted on: 07/09/19
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30-40 / Female / African-American/African, Caucasian, Hispanic
Experienced and trained talent only!!!
Host/anchor woman like the View or a articulate female anchor. Meghan Kelly, Susan Li, Tamron Hall.
Must be bright, strong, attractive, ability to read copy and improv Like Saturday Night Live Articulate, strong, charismatic, likable fun personality to host a piece on the versatility and new way of wearing luxury bath towels.
Must be charismatic, bright, funny can go from copy to improv.
Use of eyes, voice and great humor.
Must have good smile and nice teeth.
Rate $700

28-28 / Male / Caucasian
Construction worker:
This character is well built and burly. A short beard .
Must have improv and comedy experience. Will is a construction worker who is all male and a redneck type.
He is a hard hat ."This character must show us how he loves to wear his bath towel. Even on the job.
He may do a runway walk with towel and hard hat.
Must be great with improv and comedy. Must have acting experience.
This role is M O S
Think Jack Black meets Magic Mike.
Rate $500

28-28 / Male / Asian, Caucasian
Rotund, chubby lots of pride egotistic. Stephan prides himself with his great taste. He takes himself seriously as he wears his chefs hat, cooks as well as being dressed in luxurious towel which he demonstrates.
A toga, a bib, an apron.
Knowledge of using a cleaver, rolling pin kitchen tools helpful.
Charming and charismatic talent. Must have comedy and acting experience. Improv a must.
This is M O S so please submit Only if you can act.
Rate $500

28-35 / Female / Caucasian
Real mom looking
Pretty, innocent and ingenuous.
Barb is a mom, wife and good shopper.
Think Kristen Wiig.
Unassuming, genuine as she shops in supermarket wearing her favorite luxury bath towel. Casual and ingenuous.
This actress Must have comedy and improv. Has to be funny. Towel can be worn in many ways.
Rate $500

28-35 / Male, Female / Caucasian
Upscale very attractive couple in a fine restaurant. Nicole is beautiful, upper crust, sensual, classy and elegant. Wears beautiful jewelry. She is dining with Todd, Handsome, dashing model type with class.
They are dining in a chic restaurant.
They are both wearing their luxurious bath towels but feel confident and a bit snooty.
Rate $500

35-42 / Male / Caucasian
Joe is every man. A real person. He is the friendly neighbor and good guy. Affable, warm.
As he mows his lawn with pride he dons his luxury towel.
Must be an actor. Experienced.
Rate $500

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