L'ALPHABETE NOIRE [Short Film]: These will be four short films based on the first four letters of the alphabet. The filmmakers....
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ALL LIVING THINGS [Short Film]: Story line: Josh, who suffers from depression and anxiety, wakes up on the morning of his best....
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MEDISMS- MS250 [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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MEDISMS- S39 [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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Teacher [Commercial, Print]: This shoot is for a wooden toy kit manufacture. We need a female 'teacher'.
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Natural White Blond [Commercial, Print]: This shoot is for a wooden toy kit manufacture. they are looking for a natural white blond 'Mo
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PHARMA-LOOKING FOR DWARFS [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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HOSPITALITY V/O **DEADLINE NOON!** [Voice Over, Web/Internet]:
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ONSITE HEALTH CENTER [Voice Over]: This is part of the series of online videos promoting Onsite Health Center. These videos will be....
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SCHICK [Web/Internet]: Models will shave face, chest or armpits for international market. Digital, how-to videos, how to....
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HIGH STRUNG [Film, Web/Internet]: SYNOPSIS: When a tennis player returns from an injury to find he can't play as well as he had....
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OPDV [Industrial, Web/Internet]: Story line: This is a short instructional video for the NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic....
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ESPN [Web/Internet]: Must be comfortable portraying a same sex couple
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Posted on: 07/09/19
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30-40 / Female / All Ethnicities
Loose Reference: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Winona Ryder, Jemima Kirke. Therese is a strong woman; a survivor in her own right. She pays her own bills, has a decent apartment, and doesn’t rely on any man for approval or attention. Her lack of expectations for men, however, often allows her to be taken advantage of. She will spend the night with someone if she wants to, but doesn’t assume any sort of commitment or affection from them in return. She is self sufficient, but not fully empowered to take control of her life and be who she wants. She lacks self confidence and self respect, but knows she is capable of being happy someday.

22-28 / Female / All Ethnicities
Loose Reference: Zazie Beetz. Lee lives with two other girls in a small apartment in the East Village, and has recently been going through a rough patch with her boyfriend of 4 years who still lives back in Jersey. She makes every effort to go back home to spend time with him, but has been less able to make the trip lately because of her school and work schedules. This has made him jealous and angry, and he takes his frustrations out on her during long phone conversations that leave her feeling emotionally exhausted and vulnerable. Throughout these tirades and periods of abuse, Lee has remained faithful, and was not looking to break up with him. She is, however, subconsciously open to new experiences.

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