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I SPY A SPY (Understudies)
Posted on: 07/08/19
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20-29 / Male / Hispanic
To understudy the role of JOSE RODRIGUEZ: pop tenor. Ideally no taller than 5'9" or thereabouts. An enterprising, undocumented Mexican immigrant (Dreamer). He's not the biggest guy on the block, but he has the biggest dream. Ambitious, street-smart, charming. Ideally speaks some Spanish as well as having great comedic ability. Will also understudy other tracks - dance ability is a big plus. PLEASE ADD NOTE CONFIRMING DANCE ABILITY.

30-59 / Male / All Ethnicities
Versatile actor/singer to understudy multiple roles: MR. GRAY/ENSEMBLE: Male, any ethnicity, 30s, bari-bass. A hard-nosed US government agent. Must have good comedic chops and ability to play a variety of characters. also covers COLD BORSCHT: male, Russian, 40s-50s, baritone. One of Russia’s most awarded spies and Alina’s father. Imposing, demanding, superior. Should have facility with Russian accent, as well as great comedic ability. also covers ABDUL: Male, Pakistani, 40s-50s, baritone. A passionate Pakistani pizzeria proprietor with dreams of a Michelin Star and a wife. Romantic and a bit vague. Should have facility with Pakistani accent, as well as great comedic ability. PLEASE ADD NOTE CONFIRMING PAKISTANI ACCENT.

30-59 / Female / Asian, Hispanic
Performer with strong comic and singing ability, to play 30s-50s to understudy two roles: PRISCILIANA ESPINOZA: Female, Latina, 30s-50s, mezzo. A Mexican mafiosa with a corrupt flair for deal-making. She's raunchy, devious and a powerhouse of dominatrix energy. Must have convincing Mexican accent and comedic ability. also covers SUNNY PARK: female, Korean, 30s-50s, mezzo/alto. A proud owner of Hell’s Kitchen’s best corner deli. Business oriented, but deep down, yearning for love. Should have facility with dialect, as well as great comedic ability.

20-35 / Female / All Ethnicities
Ideally taller than 5'5". Should be an outstanding DANCER who sings and acts very well. To understudy 3 roles:[ALINA ORLOVA: (female lead), Russian (no accent), 20s, soprano with belt - major singer. All business, this charismatic Russian spy is bent on undermining the West. On the surface, she's a cool operator, but there's a warmth underneath. No Russian accent but must have great comedic ability. also covers MRS. BROWN/ENSEMBLE: Female, any ethnicity, 30s, soprano-belt. A hard-nosed US government agent. also covers FEMALE ENSEMBLE: - strong dancer/singer/actor.

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