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Posted on: 06/13/19
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22-23 / Male / All Ethnicities
He is a computer nerd, very smart. His roommate Angelo considers him a walking stereotype. As a teenager he learned how to catfish guys and convince them to give him free game stuff on the PC by playing as a girl and doing a woman’s voice. As he got older he perfected that scam, and when guys from long-term scams started offering to mail him real stuff or send real money, he opened a post office box under his female alter-ego and he makes his living scamming people. He doesn’t have a problem being social but he doesn’t like people, even though he makes friends very easily. He is smart and graduated high school and college early, but just wants to be happy and has nothing to prove so he lives his simple life. He’s a morally middle of the road kind of person and doesn’t have a problem if people want to give him stuff after he lies to them online. Throughout the film he goes from being very self-absorbed and develops a close friendship with his roommate who he barely knew and their neighbor.

26-27 / Male / All Ethnicities
Angelo is a Stuntman who spent the past decade doing stunts for television and movies. He spent his childhood in Europe, and moved to NYC from Los Angeles just a few months prior and lives with Carson to save money since he’s rarely home. He’s fairly judgmental of Carson and feels like he doesn’t work hard so he keeps his distance. Angelo is not smart, and frequently is chastised by Carson for doing something obviously dumb. He gets roped into Carson’s delivery of the money package. He reveals he likes action but is afraid of dying, and he and Carson bond over the period of running from the organized crime. He’s the kind of person that works hard at his job, then just wants to come home and unwind. He is dating THEA. (ACTION REQUIRED)

23-25 / Female / All Ethnicities
She is Carson and Angelo. She is very sweet and a little nerdy, as she enjoys video games and doesn’t get bored of the geeky stuff too quickly. She is essentially a dream girlfriend—until they find out she was hired to make sure
they took the stolen package to the drop location. She rides along until she has to save Carson and Angelo’s butts, and then reveals she is actually a kick-ass hired spy, though she did date Angelo because she liked him. Without her, they wouldn’t have made it out alive. Must be Able To Do STUNTS


30-33 / Female / All Ethnicities
She is a a striking woman with long hair . She is a seasoned master thief, her skill has kept her out of law’s reach for a long time. Desperation made her look to someone else run her package to her to avoid getting caught, but underestimated how much they’d screw up. She’s fiery and focused, has a soft side, and is very good at her job of thievery and trickery.

40-45 / Male / All Ethnicities
A well-dressed guy with a permeating sleazy vibe. Stubble, looking for a quick payoff and doesn’t mind using his position to score a few bucks with his cohorts

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