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Posted on: 02/05/19
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12-12 / Female / African-American/African
At 12 years old, Leah showed signs of being a world-class athlete. Her focus, her drive, her speed… all came into play when she hit 7th grade. When we first meet Leah, she’s playing with friends on her driveway. Within a matter of seconds, she’s running faster than any 12-year-old we’ve ever seen in an attempt to chase after the ice cream truck. In high school, she’ll train and work harder than ever before all the way to the Summer Olympics where she’ll win gold.

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11-11 / Female / Caucasian
At 11, Lexi went to a nearby hilltop and watched a night SpaceX launch with her dad. She once took apart a drone to learn how it worked and she loves the FEMSTEM program at her middle school. In high school, she had an amazing teacher who encouraged her to reach for the stars, literally. Today, Lexi is an astronaut and uses her knowledge of science and engineering to help other kids like her.

11-11 / Male / Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity
Mixed Ethnic or Latino, 11 years old. Leo discovered his gift as an artist at an early age and photography is what he gravitated towards. Whether it was taking photos of smiling children in Uganda as a new well was installed in their village or capturing the horrific effects on children in cities battling terrorism, Leo’s photos have been featured in National Geographic and on the cover of TIME Magazine. He won the Pulitzer at 26.

Leo's Mom
35-40 / Female / Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity
Leo’s MOM is in her late 30’s. She’s a single mom who works two jobs to provide for her son. She does her best around the holidays to decorate their modest home and give her son gifts that matter, so when she gives Leo a new camera, it’s a big deal.
Must be able to play the mom of the younger version of LEO.

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Lexi's Dad
45-47 / Male / Caucasian
- Mid-40’s. Caucasian. Lexi’s Dad love space and science and technology. He loves sharing his passion of space with Lexi and enjoys their time together. He encourages her to push further in school and learn more about what she loves.
Must be able to play the dad of the younger version of LEXI.

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