Thanks for the Inside Edition booking! It was a fun shoot! Just want to extend much gratitude to the Agency for amazing opportunities! Thank YOU 😊
2:47pm May 13

Very grateful for the callback on a Health insurance Campaign thank you for opening the opportunities! #thankful #blessed
9:58pm Apr 26

Thanks Agency!
8:16pm Apr 26

Another round of thanks!!!
4:06pm Apr 23

Thank you for all the auditions & bookings Agency! Y’all rock πŸ€™πŸ½πŸ€—
3:48am Apr 4

New Headshot!! yay
11:26pm Mar 29

Thanks for thinking of me.
10:24pm Feb 19

Hoping to see more LA work up on here! Thanks for everything agency :)
6:40pm Feb 4

Just did Court Room on BULL! Great gig!
3:37am Jan 3

Happy Holidays to All--with a bountiful New Year!
10:30pm Dec 20

New commercial reel! Thanks Agency! :)
2:22pm Dec 13

Thanks Agency!
6:23pm Nov 26

TV Coverage of The Agency So Far
 The Agency was established in New York City for years before switching to our current name, working with the biggest and best casting professionals around, and breaking serious new ground in the industry. 
Check out our highlight reel to get a taste of the early Buzz around The Agency! Remember: We work with talent of all shapes, types, and sizes, from all walks of life, experienced pros to new faces! 
(And yes, we do have more than 500 talent now.) Enjoy!

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Featured Talent

News Feed
Got an upgrade feature as "Mildred" on SNL last week with Sandra Oh!
6:10am Apr 6

Just added my newest voiceover reel with recent Google project and more!
6:36pm Feb 4

Featured extra on Showtime Billions
1:21am Oct 4

Catch me on "The Perfect Murder" Thursday August 2nd 9PM (EST) on ID Channel
2:58pm Jul 31

Worked as a Background Actor, Church Goer, on Crashing, HBO, June 2018
12:57pm Jun 19

View LaVora's Resume under her "Links."
5:55pm May 31

Background actor on Ray Donovan, May
3:46pm May 18

Worked as Background Actor, Billions, Showtime-March, 2018
7:33pm May 15

Don't forget to follow us on INSTA!
3:07pm Apr 12

KAB Films is producing a Pilot
7:16pm Mar 23

Just completed a Co-Star role on Dynasty [CW Network].
3:01pm Mar 7

Final week of 'Tragic Greek Sitcom' at Episcopal Actors Guild!
5:19am Feb 27

Natasha Goodman has joined The Agency!
10:59pm Feb 20

Just edited & posted my newest commercial & dance reels! All on my profile
7:44pm Feb 1

Jennifer is a Producer & has a large supporting role in THE GROUNDSKEEPER.
8:08pm Dec 7

Closed West Side Story & have Commercials for Adore Me & Sparkle towels running
1:48pm Oct 30

Steve can be seen at short film festivals in the award winning short SURE FIRE
10:20am Oct 6

James has a speaking role on Grave Secrets.
2:44am Sep 16

Leave next week to start rehearsals for 'Deathtrap' at Winnipesaukee Playhouse.
3:51pm Sep 7

Thrilled to be back on set shooting guest spot in 'Monsters Inside Me'!
5:32pm Jun 28

Now model for Azadeh haute couture and ready to wear, located in San Francisco a
12:17pm Jun 2

Booked Fairlife & Amitzia print.
4:00pm May 23

Just wrapped filming a Principal role in thriller feature film, "The Dog Walker"
2:19pm May 12

Filmed a lead role in episode 103 of the Ralph Friedman project.
7:25pm Mar 30

Booked voice-over work for OxiClean, Michael Kors, and NC Tourism this month!
6:42pm Mar 24

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