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How To Book The Job
Posted on: 06/17/14

Do you have the passion, talent, and drive, but aren't landing the jobs you audition for?

Paladino Casting, one of the most renowned casting companies in NYC, is offering “How to Book The Job” workshops.

Top Production companies regularly engage Paladino Casting to cast television (Taxi Brooklyn, Team Umizoomi and 3 upcoming TV Pilots), film (Devoured, Art of Rap, Hug), commercials (Avon, Amazon, Google, Bacardi, Pepsi Superbowl Spot), web (Louis Vuitton, Jet Blue, Nokia, AT&T), print (Canon, GMC, Kenneth Cole, Aetna, Westin), and a various new national and international media platforms.

After years of full-service casting, we have seen thousands of talented individuals, bursting with potential. However, many of them lacked proper audition skills, so they did not book the job or even make the callback. 

Get the skills you need to empower yourself.

Unlike typical actor workshop curriculums, our workshops help you gain results that will get you the job because it focuses on:

·      Knowing the difference between auditioning for commercials and films.

·      How to successfully prepare for these different types of auditions.

·      Best practices on what to do once you leave the audition.

·      Understand the casting process and structures of castings and callback

·      Insider industry perspectives of Casting Directors, Directors and Producers

·      Learn the best ways to stand out, get the call back, and book the job.

·      Get insight into every aspect of the business including how to find an agent/manager, get the best headshots, understand contract info, master cold reads, and market yourself.

Have you done everything in your power to increase your chances?

Find out the answers and land your next job! 

You will have the chance to network with top Industry Decision-Makers.

As a bonus, we record your commercial read and will send you that footage for review !

We offer a fee of $99 for our Spring Special instead of $125.

Date: Monday, June 30th - 6:30-7:30pm

Please register asap:

Orlando writes:
09/10/2014 5:21 pm

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