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Posted on: 07/31/19
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50-60 / Female / All Ethnicities
Athletic. Dance/wrestling/performance art/sports experience a plus. Notes on creative direction: in the music video 2 women (in their 50s-60s) are having coffee together in a livingroom. One of the women spills her coffee on the floor. Instead of cleaning it up, both women stand up and begin partially disrobing (they always keep their underwear on, both top and bottom parts). It is not salacious or titillating. They are preparing for battle, for sport. They flex and posture and eventually begin to wrestle. Filming in black and white, we cut to an empty room, a void. Now the women are engaged in mud wrestling. The mess of them, of us, of everything. It is about freedom, expression, rage, connection. It is heightened, beautiful, and scary. It verges on performance or performance art, but it is for no one but themselves. When the wrestling is over, they open their mouths and mud comes out. *The wrestling will professionally choreographed, and executed in a safe and highly artistic way. Talent must feel comfortable with the above scenario and with dancing/choreography that will include wrestling and contact with another performer.

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