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Posted on: 07/19/19
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55-65 / Male / Caucasian
Dawn Ferguson's father is a man of God, first and foremost. More on the Old Testament end of things, Ferguson has enough country charm to play nice with the small town power structure, and make it work for his own community aims. But he wrestles with a past indiscretion, one that’s hardened him, making him overcompensate even further towards fundamentalism. He is demanding, at times pedantic and punishing, but also, deeply invested in what he sees as the Lord’s work, and determined to use it as a kind of penance for his own actions those many years ago. Guilt-ridden from his past actions, Ferguson is nevertheless, one could say, superstitious, almost spooked, most days. Riddled with the feeling of his own inevitable comeuppance and terrified that his own sweet Martha may still be alive, to glare down on him shamefully, and to remind him of the terrible things he’s done.

30-40 / Male / Caucasian
He's always taking a backseat to his Sheriff dad. He is uncertain of his abilities the day the old man fizzles-out in the Cardiac Care unit, Keesler deputized to Sheriff overnight. His unsteadiness is due, less to inexperience than filling his father’s shoes, which are part and parcel with the patriarchal mechanism, elected officials, Freemason brotherhood that runs this small town. Still, Keesler is fair minded, at least more than other members of the Gadsden community and his insensitivities and blunders are born often out of near-sightedness than scorn. He is doltish, but prone to brief lapses of inspiration, which show his heart to be in the right place.

35-50 / Male / Caucasian
Hunky, smooth, genuine, Percy is a Northern entrepreneur whose religious ‘Love Crusade’ initiative is just starting to sweep the country. Though the impression easily could be that Percy began the Baptist book-series-turned-youth-movement with an actual desire to help, his own vanity and his appreciation of ‘the love in the hearts of young ladies’ has made him a kind of gentle predator in its beta stages, aiming for new conquests in each place he goes. Percy is dashing, intelligent, but with the laziness at the root of all roguish Lotharios—what keeps him from activating his true potential, and what keeps him erring with sexual distractions, of which Dawn is a prized prospect.

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