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THE WITCHES FROM BUSHWICK [Short Film]: Story line: A coven of witches from Williamsburg, Brooklyn stumble upon a power greater than likes....
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Posted on: 06/04/19
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22-27 / Female / Caucasian
Pretty, petitie, quirky, not classic starlet beauty. Think Kate Hudson in Almost Famous. The character is a formerly confident, passionate young woman whose life has been shattered by a violent crime. The actress must be able to express the rawest of emotions but also be able to retain some of the charm that belonged to the the girl we lost and hope to regain.

20-24 / Male / Caucasian
Tizrah's younger brother. Tall, thin, clean cut, quick to smile.He is a brilliant biomedical engineering college student who isn't a nerd. He's likeable, outgoing, kind of goofy at times. The actor must be capable of establishing the simmering emotions beneath his genial surface yet remain energetic and charming despite the burden he carries.

25-38 / Male / African-American/African
Will play eight small roles including police detective, psychiatrist, cab driver and doctor. The characters will range in age from mid 20's- to late 30"s. Actor must be facile in dialects and physically able to change looks in order to portray these various characters.

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