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Posted on: 05/02/19
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17-23 / Female / Asian
an 18 year old girl being dropped off at her freshman dorm by her Chinese father; she sees college as an opportunity to become her own person and to build a life that isn’t cluttered with things (which her dad has made her feel her whole life) but filled with meaningful relationships; but just when she thinks she’s gained the distance she needs from her father to do this, she realizes how much their relationship means to her.

47-60 / Male / Asian
Dropping off his daughter Vivian at her freshman college dorm; while Vivian’s life is about to get more full, Dad’s is getting emptier; he is losing the thing which brings him most joy and life; Dad shows his love for Vivian by providing for her and meeting her material needs, mostly because he doesn't know how to connect with her on a deeper level; his desire to provide for her, while mostly selfless, is also his attempt to stay connected to his daughter and feel that she is still dependent on him.

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