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Posted on: 04/26/19
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8-8 / Female / Caucasian
she's Audrey's daughter, a candid, funny girl who is excited to meet Sam, the grandfather she didn't even know she had. She's even more thrilled when Sam gives her a kid-size guitar to practice on. She is so busy practicing that she can't even take the time to eat, much to her mother's consternation..

40-45 / Female / All Ethnicities
The bartender at a local tavern, she's an outgoing woman who shares a drink or two with Sam after hours, and confides the troubles she's having with her boyfriend to him. The two wind up naked in Sam's motel room -- but they don't actually make love, just fall asleep side by side. Of course, when Kate finds Maureen in Sam's room, it causes a massive misunderstanding between her and Sam...

45-49 / Male / All Ethnicities
Earnest, guileless and a bit odd. Kate's regular restaurant customer, not to mention her secret admirer, Spenser runs the local auto body shop. He tows Sam's waterlogged motorcycle from the nearby beach and labors to fix it -- but it's a tall order that takes several days...

45-49 / Male / All Ethnicities
Kate's brother's friend, he's a nice-looking, well-dressed attorney who meets Kate in the local tavern for a blind date. The two are getting along famously until Cole's ugly scene interrupts their conversation...

20-29 / Male / All Ethnicities
this agitated, frightening young man comes into Maureen's tavern and corners his waitress girlfriend, Amber, savagely berating and threatening her -- until Sam subtly intervenes, at which point Cole departs the scene...

35-39 / Female / African-American/African
Comes into Kate's restaurant with an offer to buy the place on behalf of the country club next door, which wants to expand. Kate isn't interested..

24-24 / Female / All Ethnicities
she's Kate's waitress, a vague and flaky young woman who can't keep her orders straight and sometimes doesn't show up for work at all...

28-28 / Male / Hispanic
Kate's cook, he's a cheerful Central/South American man who is a real rock of support to Kate, especially when her waitress, Amber, is flaking out..

60-69 / Female / All Ethnicities
She's the owner of the local bookstore, who is seen having a lively conversation with Audrey...

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