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Posted on: 04/25/19
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30-38 / Female / Caucasian
Lead. Slim build and attractive but with a look of fatigue. Kate is strong-willed, independent and loves her son to no end. From moving out of her insular hometown, having had only a couple serious relationships, she went straight under the command of her then boss, Jack’s father, now her recently estranged husband.
inner confidence, her trust in herself. It wasn’t like this at the start. Over the years, as her world grew smaller and his control over her grew larger, things became aggressive and violent. It was only when Kate started seeing it have an effect on Jack that she finally realized the situation she was surviving.

7-9 / Male / Caucasian
Lead. Jack is a young boy dealing with the aftermath of an abusive childhood at the hands of his father. His experience still fresh in his mind, Jack is still learning to cope with the new life he leads with his mother on the road. Jack hasn’t spoken for the entire time they’ve been on the trip. He doesn’t want to, he doesn’t remember how, he is too afraid to. He is prone to panic attacks when confronted with trauma triggers that remind him of his father and the bad parts of life back at home.

50-60 / Male / Caucasian
Supporting. Old Hells Angels type. Retired from the biker life now, but still wears his leathers. Big and scary from a distance, but really just a caring softie once you give him a second.

***Must have LOTS of TATTOOS. ***

50-65 / Female / Caucasian
Supporting. Handles the front desk at the motel when Jack and Kate check in. Competitive church-goer type. Takes pride in her organization and attention to detail. Her style straight out of the 50s. Quick to judge and hard to forgive. She’s all bark and no bite. But with those piercing eyes and pursed lips she can make anyone uneasy, and she knows it.

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