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Posted on: 03/19/19
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65-75 / Male / Caucasian
Ed grew up in this town back when it was all farmland. He sits at the same seat at the diner counter every morning. He is grumpy but charming in his gruff/humorous way. He knows all about the lore and dark history in of the town and shares this knowledge with Sheriff Smith.

50-60 / Male / Caucasian
Allistor is a farmer who has strong roots in the town in which the story takes place. He is scary, even when he is smiling at you. An old friend of White family and father of Billy (Abigail’s Ex), he seems to show great concern for the girls after their parents passing. Very much a Brian Dennehy type.

30-60 / Female / All Ethnicities
The waitress at the local diner where Sheriff Smith gets his coffee each morning. She is tough &sassy, especially when it comes to talking to Ed, her grumpy old regular at the counter. Actor should be good with comedy.

30-40 / Male / All Ethnicities
This somewhat geeky realtor is signed on by Abigail to sell the family farm, but he scares the heck out of Abigail by sneaking up on her.

30-50 / Male / All Ethnicities
He is talking with Sheriff Smith about the irregularities at the scene of a fatal car crash.

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