JAPANESE BOY BAND- DANCERS [Music Video, Web/Internet]:
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FINDERS KEEPERS [Film, Short Film]: A mismatched trio, transport billions of dollars to what they think will be their big pay day, but....
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INDUSTRIAL- STILL SEEKING [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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PRINCESS CUT [Short Film]: Story line: Set in a Long Island 24 hour laundromat & a multi-million dollar waterfront....
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BEAUTY BRAND [Print, Web/Internet]:
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SNEAKER COMPANY [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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THE WITCHES FROM BUSHWICK [Short Film]: Story line: A coven of witches from Williamsburg, Brooklyn stumble upon a power greater than likes....
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URGENT!- ESTEE LAUDER [Print, Promo, Web/Internet]:
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Music Video [Music Video, Web/Internet]:
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COLLEGE DORM [Promo, Web/Internet]:
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WHAT WE LIVE FOR [Web/Internet]:
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Urgent Casting! Cazadores Tequila! [Commercial, TV, Web/Internet]:
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KRINGLE TIME [Film]: Story line: Kringle Time is a social justice comedy about a public access television station....
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Posted on: 01/03/19
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25-30 / Female / African-American/African
Benign & Sarcastic
The Host is the face of the entity that takes over your smartphone once you have been teleported into it’s domain.

25-32 / Female / Caucasian, Mixed Ethnicity
Innocent & an introvert.
Crystal Mohammad is a physical science student working on her doctorate in Electro Physiology. She and her best friend Layna created a device that allows humans to teleport and time travel while protecting the heart from high voltage electricity that the human body must pass through during the teleportation/Time Travel process.

25-32 / Female / Hispanic
Bold & Adventurous. Layna San Miguel is a star doctoral candidate at the same university attended by Royce Park. She is successfully furthering the works of Michael Faraday by successfully creating an advanced Faraday Suit that protects the human heart and brain from the high voltage currents that substantiate teleportation and time travel.

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