THE INFLUENCER TUTORIAL [Industrial]: This is a a tutorial to teach someone how to navigate social media and become an influencer.....
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HOMICIDE CITY 205 [TV, Web/Internet]:
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PARENT TRIP [Film]: A recent mother seeks re-connection with her husband on their first baby-free trip and is aided by....
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TURNER IGNITE APPLY NOW! [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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NITE [Short Film]: Three mismatched women who unwittingly become sex workers find themselves pulled into a steamy....
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KERASAL “TALKING TOES" [Commercial, TV, Web/Internet]: Looking for very funny actors with improv experience. For this project, the faces of the actors....
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SUBMIT ASAP! ZAPPOS.COM [Commercial, Web/Internet]:
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New roles! NEVER, RARELY, SOMETIMES, ALWAYS [Film]: Faced with a crisis pregnancy, Autumn, a teenage girl in rural Pennsylvania, realizes she has no....
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GOOGLE WAZE [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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Lighting Video [Commercial, Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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WELL KNOWN WEDDING WEBSITE [Commercial, Web/Internet]:
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VALENTINE'S DAY CAMPAIGN [Commercial, Web/Internet]:
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APPLY NOW!!- GUIDED BY GRANDMA [Commercial, Web/Internet]: This is a series of 15-20 x :15 videos that will give quick how-to tips for the new Samsung Galaxy....
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THE SWIMSUIT [Film]: Samah attempts tirelessly to escape wearing a burkini for her middle school swim meet, feeling....
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DUNE [Film]:
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Posted on: 11/26/18
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25-30 / Male / Caucasian
Lucky Jack 5'11" to 6'1" Blue eyes. Great smile and teeth. Hair Brown. Young Tony Curtis/Rock Hudson type

23-28 / Female / Caucasian
Blonde. 5'3" to 5'5". A beauty. The flavor of Jane Russell, Michele Mercier, and eye brows like Elizabeth Taylor. Looking for an actress who resembles the real Rhona.

25-35 / Male / Caucasian
Blue eyes 5'6" to 5'10" Son of Lucky Jack.

14-17 / Male / Caucasian
Blue eyes, light to Medium brown hair.

18-21 / Male / Caucasian
Blue eyes, light to Medium brown hair.

21-32 / Male / Caucasian
Friend of Steve

22-30 / Male / Caucasian
Friend of Steve. Short hair with a slight pompadour hair style.

22-30 / Male / Caucasian
Friend of Steve. Hair is short with a wavy on top

22-30 / Male / Caucasian
Friend of Steve

22-30 / Male / Caucasian
Friend of Steve

5-7 / Male / Caucasian
Blonde to light brown hair

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