Altice- Binge [Commercial, Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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SERENDIPITY NIGHTS [Short Film, Web/Internet]: Over the course of a night, a stolen gun finds its way into the hands of six unsuspecting....
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DELTA [Commercial, Web/Internet]:
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NJ LOTTERY [Commercial, TV, Web/Internet]:
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ALTICE- DESIGNATED HITTER [Commercial, Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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URGENT! RODAN & FIELDS! [Editorial, Promo, Web/Internet]:
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THE SWIMSUIT [Film]: Samah attempts tirelessly to escape wearing a burkini for her middle school swim meet, feeling....
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LYSOL( KIDS ) [Commercial]: Parents and Kids get a lesson on bacteria in their home from Lysol expert
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SAMSUNG [Commercial]:
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TALKING ABOUT THINGS [TV, Web/Internet]: Story line: TV talk show, a dark and furiously paced program that always ends on flare of love and....
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LITTLE CESARS [Commercial, Web/Internet]:
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USIF INVESTORS (Additional role - NY) [Industrial]: Documentary style corporate video, recreating the stories of real families.
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THE FUSION [Short Film]: The Fusion - What if our cells didn't have a countdown timer programmed in, would we live....
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Posted on: 11/07/18
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24-29 / Female / Caucasian
A cute ginger who seems to have it all but is still not sure of herself. she’s high strung, obsessive and slightly neurotic in a charming way. Similar to Britney Snow’s or Anna Kendrick’s character from pitch perfect. Shelly Brooks is a graduate of NYU with a musical performance degree but has a serious problem. Shelly freezes up when she has to sing for an audition. Despite her great voice, once she walks out for an audition she goes into a trance of crippling stage fright. She often becomes discouraged but somehow still keeps her grit despite her neurotic insecurity. She is obsessed with her boyfriend’s sneaky ways and their unhealthy love life.


38-42 / Female / Hispanic
She looks a lot younger, very well kept and beautiful. She is Shelly’s posh and fabulous cousin. She is a Jewtina (Jewish Latina) who is chic, high-class, confident and sweet all at the same time. She is obsessed with the monetary things, the scene and climbing her way up the social ladder of New York. Vanessa’s dad, who is Shelly’s uncle, married a Cuban woman while living in Miami. Vanessa is on her second marriage. Her husband was once a very wealthy hedge fund manager until his recent arrest for embezzlement and tax fraud. He was trying to keep up with Vanessa’s insatiable spending habits. Vanessa has a good heart and constantly battles her thoughts about money and status. Eventually, Vanessa sees the value of true friendship over Hermes bags while never losing her cool or sense of style.

27-29 / Female / Asian, Caucasian, Mixed Ethnicity, South Asian/Indian
She is a reserved, nerdy accountant. Despite her goofy demeanor she still in attractive brunette. She is sweet, book smart and extremely shy. Fran is Shelly’s best friend. Fran is a wallflower from an Irish/Italian descent. She was raised in a strict Catholic family from Westchester which makes her being a lesbian a difficult cross to bear. She is Fran is a very attractive brunette with terrible vision and wears huge glasses. Fran is super shy, awkward and has goofy mannerisms. The pair met in college when Shelly needed tutoring for a math class that she was forced to take in order to graduate. Shelly, was studying music and Francesca was following in her father's footsteps studying math/accounting. The two have been inseparable ever since.

40-43 / Male / All Ethnicities
Daniel is a guys guy who’s quietly cool, calm and collective. Dan is the manager and runs NITE. He is Bond-like, cunning yet quiet, always observing and analyzing every situation. Nothing gets by him. Ruggedly good looking and intense. Dan pines for Shelly and there is chemistry between the two throughout. Dan was a Navy seal working in special forces. We come to find out that he happens to be an undercover federal agent. He’s there trying to bring down Tommy. Dan is very serious and secretive. The one thing that is hard or he to conceal is his affection for Shelly.

60-65 / Male / All Ethnicities
He is a short nebbish man with a very hairy chest. His shoulders are hunched over he has a slight New York accent. He has a balding head with long strands of scarce hair that looks disheveled and unmanageable. Larry is extremely wealthy. He controls most of the money in New York maybe even the world. He is very eccentric and neurotic. Later we come to find out that not only does he makes the girls beat him up but he insists that they make him eat out of a garbage can. He too has a massive drug problem.

33-35 / Male / All Ethnicities
Jordan is slick, good looking well groomed and slightly metrosexual. He is Shelly’s cheating boyfriend. He works in finance. He has little to no integrity. Jordan does whatever is best for Jordan. He is always looking for the next best thing with a bigger better deal in business and his personal life. He is an opportunist and has complete disregard for anyone else. This is the guy mamma warned you about. He looks good on paper but is not someone to date. Confused Shelly has been dating him for over a year.

40-45 / Male / All Ethnicities
Tommy is a good-looking “contractor” Don’t be fooled by his quick wit, funny demeanor and a good sense of humor. He is an extremely dangerous guy. He kills without discretion and is ruthless when it comes to business. However, the man loves feet, especially Vanessa’s. He is completely captivated by her and all her charms. He throws his money around to get what he wants.— Vanessa. He is not your typical loudmouth crime boss/drug trafficker. He is more serious and reserved which makes him even more dangerous. He has a slight drug problem (cocaine) and has been dipping into his own supply.

50-55 / Female / African-American/African, Caucasian, Hispanic
Lucia is the House Mom she’s from San Paolo, Brazil. She is a very sweet mother type, short and slightly chubby. She is always looking for a little extra cash and has very thick Brazilian accent.


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