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Posted on: 10/10/18
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50-60 / Female / Caucasian
Unfiltered, raw, determined, profound. A true surviver. Candace lives on the margins of her small city, in and out of weekly rate motels, picking up men and small jobs which she always loses. She suffers from chronic pain in the left hip, a vestige from a long ago botched surgery. Alone and estranged from her family, she uses her cunning and wit to make it day by day, infusing her interactions with humor, empathy and natural charm.

25-30 / Male / All Ethnicities
He is slick, sexy and young. Presents with traditional male traits: Protective, strong, and macho. Exhibits his deep empathy and generosity of spirit in a chance meeting with Candace.

35-45 / Female / All Ethnicities
Single, manager of the motel, Candace has been renting from. Overworked and under appreciated, kind but with limits, she loses her composure and natural tendency to forgive, when Candace pushes her to the limit and stays another night without paying rent.

50-55 / Female / All Ethnicities
She is the restaurant manager. Portly. generous and with a good sense of humor, takes her work seriously. She feminist and humanist, she is always more likely to trust and give a chance to a person in need than turn her back.

15-20 / Female / All Ethnicities
Young and in a perpetual daydream. Teeny is well-meaning but her ditziness belies her intelligence. While working the register, her mind is often elsewhere.

25-30 / Female / All Ethnicities
Quick to anger, protective, suspicious, a proud mother.

4-5 / Female / All Ethnicities
Daughter and is the child, of whoever is cast for Mother. Sweet, innocent, trusting, a sense of humor and openness.

50-65 / Male / All Ethnicities
Takes life one day at a time. Long widowed and a natural loner, Jim finds sweetness in the small things, with a vulnerability which can be misread as weakness. Patient, kind and tender, he is a nonjudgmental and lonely man, retired and looking for a little color and love. He is taken by Candace's spirit, able to see her for the best she has to offer and slightly naive to her cunning.

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