Altice- Binge [Commercial, Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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SERENDIPITY NIGHTS [Short Film, Web/Internet]: Over the course of a night, a stolen gun finds its way into the hands of six unsuspecting....
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DELTA [Commercial, Web/Internet]:
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NJ LOTTERY [Commercial, TV, Web/Internet]:
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ALTICE- DESIGNATED HITTER [Commercial, Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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URGENT! RODAN & FIELDS! [Editorial, Promo, Web/Internet]:
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THE SWIMSUIT [Film]: Samah attempts tirelessly to escape wearing a burkini for her middle school swim meet, feeling....
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LYSOL( KIDS ) [Commercial]: Parents and Kids get a lesson on bacteria in their home from Lysol expert
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SAMSUNG [Commercial]:
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TALKING ABOUT THINGS [TV, Web/Internet]: Story line: TV talk show, a dark and furiously paced program that always ends on flare of love and....
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LITTLE CESARS [Commercial, Web/Internet]:
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USIF INVESTORS (Additional role - NY) [Industrial]: Documentary style corporate video, recreating the stories of real families.
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THE FUSION [Short Film]: The Fusion - What if our cells didn't have a countdown timer programmed in, would we live....
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Posted on: 09/10/18
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38-50 / Male / All Ethnicities
Large body type. Works at a mattress store, he’s a man with a gentle giant kind of demeanor. A guy who’s sort of followed the rule book his whole life, inherited the family business, etc. He’s a bit worn and beaten down by life. When Emma showed up at the store with her childish behaviors, he decided to teach her a lesson.

25-35 / Female / Caucasian
A brash, off the cuff woman. Her age doesn’t match her punky, abrasive ways. Marches into the mattress store, and decides to have some fun. Jumps on the mattress with her shoes on and turned on her music, to irritate the clerk. Maybe she just want to have some fun… or maybe she’s on something.

28-38 / Male / All Ethnicities
A neurotic, anxiety filled man trying to keep his composure in an off-the-wall city. He’s also a hypochondriac. When Jen shared the story she read about a tapeworm being pull out of a man’s butt, Matt immediately got sensitive and feel he has one inside him. Character’s crotch area will be grabbed by his partner (Jen), you must be comfortable with this situation. Nothing sexual or explicit, No nudity.

28-38 / Female / All Ethnicities
Jen is Matt’s counterpart, or sometimes Matt’s counterpoint. She’s down to earth and to the point. She also ingests maybe too much information from her phone. Seeing Matt over reacts to her tapeworm story, she decided to pull a prank on him. The character will be grabbing scene partner’s crotch area. You must be comfortable with this situation. Nothing sexual or explicit, No nudity.

55-70 / Female / Caucasian
Magda is a lonely older woman and recent divorcee. She lives by herself in a big, semi furnished brownstone. When a toenail ‘flew’ into her eye while she was clipping her toenails, she called her Ex and went a rampage rant to his voicemail. The director is looking for someone who has incredible range for this scene.

18-21 / Male / All Ethnicities
(Portray early-mid teens) Ordered by his mother to carry the mattress home (save shipping money), he enlisted his buddy Dennis for assistance. Half way through the journey, his stomach gave up on him, he dropped the mattress on the ground and went to look a toilet.

18-50 / Male / Asian
He’s a bit of a clutz. Someone good at physical comedy. Talent must be fluent in either Chinese or Korean. The character has very few lines in the scene; but will require lots of reactions.

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