Altice- Binge [Commercial, Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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SERENDIPITY NIGHTS [Short Film, Web/Internet]: Over the course of a night, a stolen gun finds its way into the hands of six unsuspecting....
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DELTA [Commercial, Web/Internet]:
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NJ LOTTERY [Commercial, TV, Web/Internet]:
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ALTICE- DESIGNATED HITTER [Commercial, Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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URGENT! RODAN & FIELDS! [Editorial, Promo, Web/Internet]:
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THE SWIMSUIT [Film]: Samah attempts tirelessly to escape wearing a burkini for her middle school swim meet, feeling....
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LYSOL( KIDS ) [Commercial]: Parents and Kids get a lesson on bacteria in their home from Lysol expert
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SAMSUNG [Commercial]:
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TALKING ABOUT THINGS [TV, Web/Internet]: Story line: TV talk show, a dark and furiously paced program that always ends on flare of love and....
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LITTLE CESARS [Commercial, Web/Internet]:
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USIF INVESTORS (Additional role - NY) [Industrial]: Documentary style corporate video, recreating the stories of real families.
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THE FUSION [Short Film]: The Fusion - What if our cells didn't have a countdown timer programmed in, would we live....
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Posted on: 09/05/18
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30-35 / Male / All Ethnicities
relatable body-type (scrawny is fine, pudgy is fine, just not ripped). Physical quirks like distinctive hair are welcome. Should look like a sitcom character. John brings an odd-ball joie de vivre to whatever he’s doing. He’s expressive and fun. John is Lauren’s Airbnb guest and boyfriend. It’s complicated.
Character References:
Bevers, Broad City
Tom Haverford, Parks & Recreation Elliot Goss, Search Party
Andy Dwyer, Parks & Recreation

27-35 / Female / All Ethnicities
Lauren has a job, an apartment, a penchant for gaming and an Airbnb guest she recently started dating. Slightly more put together than John. Should look like a sitcom character. Lauren is a gamer who can be a little intense. She likes trying new things like new fashion trends or technology but often things go awry for her.
Character References:
Dee Reynolds, It’s Always Sunny Jenny Slate, Kroll Show
Mindy Kaling, The Mindy Project Lauren Lapkus, Comedy Bang Bang

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