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LA: Dance At My Weddings - Moshe
Posted on: 06/07/18
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19-21 / Male / Caucasian
Between 5’8” and 5’10”, lean/of average weight. Like everyone else in his culture, Moshe, who is now 20, is pressured to get married. He has grown up in a Jewish Chasidic religious home and has attended Hebrew school and Yeshiva his entire life in Brooklyn. He is a brilliant student and is top of his class. He is pleasant looking, with a natural charm and is endearing, sincere and true; so much so that we even root for him when he gets himself into a very dubious situation in the secular world, finding himself in unchartered territory. He is unaware of his own charm and potential. Besides having charm, Moshe must have tremendous charisma. As a way of example, think Shia LaBeouf/Logan Lerman/Miles Teller at 20 years old.

Being the star of the movie and having to carry a very challenging role throughout, the candidate for the role of Moshe must have outstanding acting chops; in other words, we are looking for performance, first and foremost. This is a career-maker role. To sound authentic and be credible in this role the candidate should be very familiar with the Jewish branch of Chasidism.

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