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Strawberry Shake
Posted on: 05/25/18
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7-7 / Female / Caucasian
Charlie’s daughter. A smart, strong-minded girl who is angry at Charlie for her absence. Ruby’s observant and self-possessed. She’s also a bookworm with a good imagination who loves to make up games and make costumes.

5-5 / Male / Caucasian
Charlie’s son. A playful boy who takes things in stride. He’s extremely excited to see Charlie and wonders what’s for dessert.

30-30 / Male / Caucasian
Charlie’s roommate and friend. He works as an Assistant Manager at a grocery store. Jesse’s got a grin on his face most of the time, and a lot of personal philosophies about life. He wants to help— and does in the end— by making strawberry shakes for dessert.

35-35 / Male / Caucasian
Charlie’s ex-husband. He has the look and vibe of a popular professor. Pete meets Charlie at the park to hand off the kids. On the surface he acts kind to Charlie, but deep down he is irritated about having had to watch the kids in Charlie’s absence.

18-22 / Female / African-American/African, Asian, Hispanic, South Asian/Indian
Ruby and Jackson’s babysitter, hired in Charlie’s absence by Pete. A college student. It’s unclear whether Elise is just the kids’ babysitter or also Pete’s lover. Elise’s competency with the kids is impressive, and in general, she’s sunny, worldly, and confident, despite her young age.

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