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Posted on: 03/12/18
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Harper Grayson
42-48 / Male / All Ethnicities
A brilliant Sherlock Holmes detective type, intelligent, intuitive, courageous, likable, Harper is blind, but his other heightened senses more than make up for his lost sight. Waking up to find himself in a huge mansion with a group of frightened people who have just let in an evil spirit during a seance, Harper--who doesn't remember how he got to the house--quickly proves himself to be a voice of reason and a formidable force to be reckoned with. During the long night, Harper discovers that he's fallen in love with one of the other guests, Wendy Leigh, whom he tries to protect from the evil that's pervading the mansion; unfortunately, Harper ultimately can't accept his own grim reality

Wendy Leigh
42-48 / Female / All Ethnicities
A sweet girl next door type, strong, smart, brave, appealing, Wendy is one of the guests at Jamey Dunbar's mansion, who's been invited there for a seance. Like the others, Wendy is unnerved when the seance goes awry and a guest is killed, and it's quickly revealed that whatever evil spirit was let in during the seance is going to keep on killing them. Wendy is an early champion of newcomer Detective Harper Grayson; since he's blind, she helps him move about the house safely and clearly has an affinity for him. Wendy is right at the heart of the mystery surrounding the demon killer, since she's the secret illegitimate daughter of Jamey Dunbar, and the brother of her late husband, who's always loved her, has joined forces with Dunbar's wife in order to finally somehow get Wendy for himself. However, Wendy discovers that she's in love with Harper, and is the one who ultimately has to try to make him face his own reality

Lyle Larson
52-58 / Male / All Ethnicities
A likable, courageous, a jokester who likes to push the envelope sometimes, a natural leader, Lyle is the attorney for Jamey Dunbar, and also one of the guests at the seance. Despite Lyle's tendency to joke, he's a serious, warm-hearted and genuine man who's quite courageous in his efforts to protect the guests from the evil demon who's killing them off one by one. Lyle quickly comes to admire and respect Detective Harper Grayson, who despite being blind is quick-thinking and perspicacious. As Dunbar's attorney, Lyle knows quite a bit about Dunbar's life, and he's also extremely fond of Dunbar's illegitimate daughter, Wendy, whom he's watched grow up. Lyle never hesitates to put himself in danger to save others, and his last words are for Wendy and Harper

Tabatha Burks
60-68 / Female / All Ethnicities
A strong personality, intelligent, grounded, sensible, knows her stuff, Tabatha is the psychic/medium whom Dunbar has hired to lead a seance in which he'd hoped to speak to his dead son, Conrad. Tabatha is unapologetic but clearly concerned when she realizes that when she opened the spiritual portal to let in Conrad, she must have also let in an opportunistic evil spirit, or demon. As the guests join forces with the blind Detective Harper Grayson to figure out how best to stop the demon that's killing them off, Tabatha uses her wealth of knowledge to arm them as best she can against the evil spirit. A close confidante of Jamey Dunbar, who confides his life story to her, Tabatha becomes very frightened herself as the night wears on, and her knowledge of the spirits can't save her own life.

Jamey Dunbar
60-75 / Male / All Ethnicities
A successful businessman, intelligent, entitled, authoritative, somewhat remorseful of his flaws now that he's older, Jamey Dunbar has invited several of his friends and family to be part of a seance led by psychic/medium Tabatha Burks at his Maine mansion. Married for the second time, to the unfaithful Colleen, Jamey hopes to contact his dead son by his first wife, Conrad, but instead an evil spirit utilizes the spirit portal and starts killing off the guests. A man with a complicated and somewhat unhappy past, Jamey is unnerved and concerned about the spirit preying on his guests, and turns to Detective Harper Grayson and Tabatha to find answers.

Albert Barns
40-48 / Male / All Ethnicities
a showboating personality, opportunistic, Albert Barns is Wendy's brother-in-law, the brother of her late husband, Steve. Albert makes no secret of the fact--and never has--that he loves Wendy and wants her for himself. Albert is something of a wheeler dealer who's made sort of pact with the devil--or in his case, a witch and an evil spirit--in a last-ditch attempt to get Wendy. Albert's done some terrible things in his life, all in the name of love for Wendy, but when it comes down to the wire, he decides it's time to do the right thing.

Kendra Murphy
33-38 / Female / African-American/African
A bit jumpy, keeps to herself, has a secret, Kendra is the personal chef at the Dunbar mansion. Kendra is shocked and frightened by the killings at the mansion, particularly since she's frequently called upon to let her freezer be used for storing the bodies. Kendra is grateful to Jamey Dunbar, her employer, since he was a friend to her mother in Jamaica and after her mother died, when Kendra was 12, he brought her to America, where he educated her and gave her a job as his chef (she loves to cook). Kendra's secret is that she was having a clandestine affair with Dunbar's son, Conrad, which made her vulnerable to being blackmailed by Dunbar's current wife, Colleen, and led her to an action for which she feels terribly guilty.

Bill Gibsby
47-53 / Male / All Ethnicities
mean-spirited, self-serving, abrasive, something of a coward, Bill is one of the guests invited to the seance at Jamey Dunbar's mansion. Bill is contemptuous of Detective Harper Grayson, and needles him constantly about being blind. Bill has been having an affair with Dubnar's wife, Colleen, and he's in cahoots with her to fake her own death in her efforts to summon a demon to kill off some inconvenient guests. Having alienated just about every one of the guests and his host, Bill winds up one of the victims.

Coleen Dunbar
40-54 / Female / All Ethnicities
Jamey Dunbar's second wife, Colleen appears to be the loving wife and gracious hostess, but in fact, she's an evil and self-serving conniver. A witch who's summoned an evil demon to her do her bidding (so she can technically keep her hands clean), Colleen is the mastermind behind the murders in the Dunbar mansion, having become furious that Dunbar's money--the reason she married him--was going to have to go through a few heirs before it would come to her. Colleen fakes her death early on so she can continue to pull the strings in order to get what she wants.

35-45 / Female / All Ethnicities
This hospital nurse's voice is heard in Harper's mind; she's apparently viewing him as a patient and alerting the doctor to the fact that he's waking up--but then they're losing him.

40-50 / Male / All Ethnicities
This hospital doctor's voice is heard in Harper's mind, apparently viewing him as a patient whom they are losing.

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