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The System
Posted on: 02/28/18
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Daniel Shays
17-23 / Male / Mixed Ethnicity, Other
A Bi-Racial teen who has gotten accustomed to being stopped by the police. Daniel is a tall, thin, charismatic musician, loves to impress, gregarious. He did well in school up until middle school then grades began to slip. By high school, he was barely going and in danger of failing out. Daniel surrounds himself with other nonconventional types, except for his girlfriend the rock of his life. (Plays guitar)


Robert Shays
50-55 / Male / Caucasian
He looks waspy. He’s Daniel Shay’s dad. He’s divorced, manages an ad agency post -production division in NY. Robert, who is also a rock musician, is trying to relate to what his son is experiencing and is intent on keeping him out of trouble. Though his job is very demanding and he is liked well enough, in his heart is music, and he spends most of his spare time playing guitar and writing songs that he knows will never see the light of day. He and son, Daniel have a very uneasy relationship. But at the end of the day there is mutual respect between the two. (Plays Guitar)


Donna Negroni
17-23 / Female / African-American/African
Beautiful, slim dark skinned/black and athletic has a bit of a Florence nightingale. She is Daniel’s girlfriend and wants to play a positive role in his life. But she is most determined on success for herself. She doesn’t care for Daniel’s pot habits but will smoke occasionally. She is very responsible. Teachers love her and her grades are excellent.

Carlos Garcia
18-23 / Male / Hispanic
He’s a Latin/Spanish teen, dark skinned heavy set and friendly. He has little interest in school and has been left back once already. His parents brought him from central America when he was 5 years old and he’s watched them separate and get back together many times. Carlos’s favorite pastime is smoking weed. He is generally very jovial but hates to be inconvenienced or controlled and when challenged, will show an edge to authority that authority does not like.

Alicia Masters
17-23 / Female / African-American/African
Medium build senior who was once a great student but not anymore. She’s Carlos’s sometimes girlfriend. Now she’s got her share of tattoos, trouble and anger. Friendly enough on the outside she can be very vindictive. Thinks the world owes her something, especially since her abusive dad moved out. She has a “take whatever I want” attitude that is stressing out her relationship with everyone, especially her mom, but she doesn’t care.

Tyler Nelson
18-23 / Male / Caucasian
6 feet tall, light brown hair, strong build, quick witted and charismatic, with three key qualities: he’s smart, athletic and sells the best weed. He loves the attention of being a dealer with the best stash and believes he can outsmart everyone; the police, school administrators; even his prying mom who is constantly searching both his things and social media sites. But he’s not worried. She never protected him against Dad, so he’s learned to take care of himself.


Officer James Pickerman
34-39 / Male / African-American/African
Tall, medium build, attractive. And while he was a popular high school athlete, he had an edge and occasionally got in trouble with school administrators for harassing other students. Now he’s a cop and if he were graded for going after kids that gave him a “negative vibe”, he’d be head of his class. His marriage is failing. His wife Judy has denied him access to the love of his life, his daughter. This has thrown him into a depression he can’t shake.

Officer Tommy Cramer
24-29 / Male / Caucasian
Medium height, short dark hair. He’s a Police rookie under the wing of senior officer, Pickerman. He looks up to Pickerman and is eager to impress him. Cramer’s home life was devoid of emotion. He needed something to believe in and he found it in Pickerman.

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