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New Era [Commercial]: Seeking Non-Union talent for supporting roles for a name brand Hat client. Overall style of shoot....
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Anti-Smoking PSA [PSA]:
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Weight-Loss product [Commercial]:
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Educational Video [Industrial]:
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Fast Food Co. (Still seeking URGENT) [Commercial]:
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Makeup Tutorial (Eyebrows) [Web/Internet]:
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HBO: Black Rest [TV, Web/Internet]:
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IBM [Voice Over]:
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Dior [Commercial]:
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IBS (Pharma): URGENT [Print]: SYNOPSIS: Talent should be OK with being in an IBS ad (IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME) and should have....
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PBS: SUBMIT IMMEDIATELY [Print]: Project Synopsis: #MeTooNowWhat? is a five-part series on PBS launching a prime time nationwide....
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Rosetta Getty: Look-Book [Print]:
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NFL [Commercial]:
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Duracell [Voice Over]:
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T-Mobile: EX. URGENT
Posted on: 12/20/17
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8-13 / Female, Male / All Ethnicities
cool little boy or girl, looks ages 8 to 13, but could be 7-14ish.
Any ethnicity, boy or girl, a cool kid who MUST have some drumming experience!!
MUST be decent drummer, as he will be leading a massive hip New Orleans parade of the edgiest peeps
while playing his drum and marching and leading…. A fun lil person with personality!!

Cool eccentric older women
58-84 / Female / All Ethnicities
the more unique and unusual and eccentric the better, crazy hair and style and a real off beat character.

Hispanic male piano payer, ages 18-80.
18-80 / Other, Female, Male / All Ethnicities
Cool look, great pianist….

4 thru 40 - a ton of men and women 19-45
19-45 / Male, Female, Other / All Ethnicities
any ethnicity, any gender type...
REALLY striking and unique and edgy and offbeat, special looks and really unusually cool types, not standard cool…, from gender bending looks to unique freckles to vitiligo to amazing hair and striking styles and looks, could be striking tattoos, albino, or just the happiest face on the planet to
some crazy facial hair….…. be wild and creative…NOT NORMAL HIP PLEASE
Love some amazing dancers and cool musicians too.

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