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The Saint Of The Impossible
Posted on: 11/30/17
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Kristin around
18-22 / Female / Caucasian
20 yrs old
ysteriously beautiful, the secret saint, she escaped the war in the east of Ukraine. Kristin, enchanting through her dark and mysterious beauty, dreams of freedom, space and eternal love. She is unforgettably beautiful, but in her eyes we witness anger and loneliness. In her next life she wants to be squid or a llama, something that spits. Kristin is born in Donezk, as the daughter of a local businessman. Her parents died during the war and Kristin became a refugee, looking for life, love and acceptance. Kristin has a powerful desire for freedom and safety. She is restless and merciless. She appears angelic, but carries a double-bladed knife in her handbag.

Paul and Tito (Fraternal Twins)
16-18 / Male / Hispanic
Tito are FRATERNAL twins. Born in a small town the Andes, as indigenous people, they grew up in the “invasiones”, the townships of Lima, before illegally immigrating to the U.S. Their mother, Raffaella, gave birth to them when she was a teen herself, but managed to give them basic education. They can read, write and now they study at the English language school in New York. They are dreamers, poets, thinkers. Charming, but shy. As they are growing up without a father, they have to take care of their mother from an early age on. They work as bicycle delivery-boys for a Chinese restaurant and dream of loosing their virginity. CRUCIAL FOR THE CASTING: INDIGENOUS, SPEAK ENGLISH WITH A SPANISH ACCENT, CHARMING BUT SHY. NOT “COOL LATIN KIDS.” THE INNOCENT, POETIC, SHY AND CURIOUS MENTALITY WILL BE THE KEY TO THE PERFECT CAST.

Note: Tito and Paul are fraternal twins NOT Identical twins. They simply are two young men that look like brothers. Submissions do not have to be of twins.

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