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AAPTIV (Fitness App)
Posted on: 11/17/17
Casting Director: Apply to view!
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A A/American female
23-23 / Female / African-American/African
(Darker Complexion),
Professional, she lives in Chicago. Is an analyst at a start-up in the food tech space. She spins a couple of times of week and is also studying to be a yoga instructor. Athleisure look

B Cauc / Latina female
25-25 / Female / Caucasian, Hispanic
Fit, Ivory soap girl-ish. Kind of a Zooey Dechanel type.

C Asian female
28-28 / Female / Asian
Fashion junky. UX designer and fashion junky; She only wears 3 colors. Getting her masters in human interaction design. Into art house films, NPR & snowboarding.

D Cauc. Red-headed female
35-35 / Female / Caucasian
35 yrs old with a sense of style. Could be cool and should be a bit bold. A comedian perhaps? A waitress? Both? Either way, she keeps it real.

F Asian male
25-25 / Male / Asian
Geek athlete. 25 yrs old, young 'Brooklyn’ professional with Glasses. Geek-athlete. Ran cross country. UX designer. Very fit in a lanky runners body way.

E Caucasian-ISH female
40-40 / Female / Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern/North African, Mixed Ethnicity
CAUCASIAN-ISH with some ethnically ambiguous thrown in* Woman, 40 yrs old. Mom of one of the other roles and a PR executive with a good sense of humor. Lululemon /Cross-fit type look and just did her first marathon. *Clients are interested in seeing mostly Caucasian with some on point Hispanic, Middle Eastern and ambiguous women thrown in.

G Cauc. male A bit scruffy
35-35 / Male / Caucasian
35 yrs old, a bit unkempt. More fun than fit, but still fit. He is hard to get started but enthusiastic once he gets going.

Slim, stylish A/American male
45-45 / Male / African-American/African
Slim and stylish, but still competitive looking. He has a bit of facial hair, perhaps for a bit of swagger. He is training for something big. The intensity of his stare, and the fact that the more it hurts the more he smiles,is what really captures your attention.

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