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Teeth Whitening Video
Posted on: 10/27/17
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Female (SAG, Brunette, Brown eyes)
22-30 / Female / Caucasian
SAG female, age 22-30, fair skin, brunette, brown eyes. Model should not have the whitest teeth! They should not look like they are already bright white. Model should have a nice smile and her teeth show when she smiles, without too much of the gums showing. ONE MODEL/ACTOR will be used in both videos, 2 shoot days. There are 2 videos (2 day shoot Nov 9 and 10). 1 is the whitening product home use, a step by step on how to apply the product to the teeth without it touching the gums. Model will not really apply anything but will be expected to position her mouth certain ways, touch her teeth. HANDS will be seen as well. The other video will be in the dentist's chair. Again, no real product will be applied, but the dentist will be showing how the product is used, how the mouth is held open to expose all the teeth. Model should be comfortable being in the dentist chair and looking like her teeth are really being worked on, with the mouth held open by a cheek retracter. These instructional videos will be available for people who purchase this whitening product and want to watch step by step instructions, both at home and at the dentist office, doing it yourself or having it done professionally, same product. Day 1 of work will be the beauty shots, wide shots, hands holdig product. Day 2 is the specific work on the teeth/close ups. Pay is SAG scale $1000 per day, which includes agent/manager fee.

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