US LATIN MARKET FOOD BRAND [Commercial, Print, Web/Internet]:
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AMERICAN INVITATION [Film]: “American Invitation” is a light hearted comedy that follows a Chinese Children Choir, who came....
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HOME CONFINEMENT [Promo, TV, Web/Internet, Pilot]: HOME CONFINEMENT is about a man recently released from prison and is now on house arrest. Knowing....
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UNCUT GEMS [Film]: Set in the Diamond district of New York City, HOWARD is a jewelry store owner and dealer to the....
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Nature Photography Product Web Video - V363 **UPDATED** [Commercial, Web/Internet]: V363 Oben Gimbal Head
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SLEEP AID [Print, Web/Internet]: Conflicts: Sleep aid and sleep apnea medications
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MAJOR HIP-HOP ARTIST MUSIC VIDEO [Music Video, Web/Internet]: This casting is for a music video for a confidential, A-list hip-hop artist currently charting....
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XELJANZ [Commercial, Industrial, Print]:
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CLASSICAL MUSIC VIDEO [Music Video, Web/Internet]: This is a classical music video for a Russian composer.
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Dance at my Wedding [Film]: "Dance at My Weddings" is a bi-cultural romantic comedy about a young rabbinical Chasidic....
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VIACOM - NIGHT SCHOOL [Promo, TV, Web/Internet]: Kevin Hart's classmates at Night School
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ID-Go With the Moment [Promo]: Story line: People (at Bus Stop/DMV/on Bus, etc.) peer over the shoulder of Lead character as he....
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Drunk Driving Awareness - DC Local Hires [Ad Campaign]: Conflicts: VA drunk driving ads
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Geico x Discovery
Posted on: 10/07/17
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Construction Foreman
40-59 / Male / African-American/African
Great with subtle comedy. Strong leader, authoritative, tough, but friendly. Like Andre Braugher, or a more formidable version of Bob Villa. A bear of a man, but a cuddly bear.

Male Worker 1 / Paparazzi
40-60 / Male / Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic
Great with subtle comedy. The emotional one of the work site, he’s a sweet good guy, with a bit of brute strength too. Even if he’s a big guy. Says a lot in his gentle eyes. Like a manatee. A gentle giant.

TALENT for this role will be playing more than one character in the different spots.

Paparazzi 2 / Hot Dog Guy
30-49 / Male / All Ethnicities
Everybody’s favorite everyman. A Paul Rudd kind of guy, just plain old friendly. Can be the shiny smiley guy, but can also be a schlub. Dry delivery, small reactions, there’s a niceness in his face.

TALENT for this role will be playing more than one character in the different spots.

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