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New Era [Commercial]: Seeking Non-Union talent for supporting roles for a name brand Hat client. Overall style of shoot....
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Anti-Smoking PSA [PSA]:
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Weight-Loss product [Commercial]:
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Educational Video [Industrial]:
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Fast Food Co. (Still seeking URGENT) [Commercial]:
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Makeup Tutorial (Eyebrows) [Web/Internet]:
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HBO: Black Rest [TV, Web/Internet]:
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IBM [Voice Over]:
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Dior [Commercial]:
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IBS (Pharma): URGENT [Print]: SYNOPSIS: Talent should be OK with being in an IBS ad (IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME) and should have....
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PBS: SUBMIT IMMEDIATELY [Print]: Project Synopsis: #MeTooNowWhat? is a five-part series on PBS launching a prime time nationwide....
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Rosetta Getty: Look-Book [Print]:
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NFL [Commercial]:
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Duracell [Voice Over]:
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The Rize
Posted on: 10/06/17
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15-17 / Male / African-American/African
The hero of our story, Ulysses is the type of kid everyone likes, smart, quick witted, a natural born leader. It isn’t easy growing up in the projects, but he’s finding his way with the help of his skate crew of misfits. Think John Boyega meets Shameik Moore in Dope. (Lines 109)

15-16 / Male / African-American/African, Mixed Ethnicity, Other
Black/African American, Mixed Ethnicity, West Indies/Caribbean male.
An inspiring YouTuber and filmmaker, his arrogance is a thinly veiled mask for his insecurities, but that’s what makes him charming. Despite his reluctance for adventure, he always comes through for his friends. He’s our comic relief. (Lines 96

30-35 / Female / African-American/African
Ulysses’ Mother and a straight up boss of a lady. She got pregnant as a teenager and has raised Ulysses by herself, all while becoming a nurse. Now, she’s singlehandedly fighting to save everyone in the building from being evicted. (Lines 67)

15-16 / Female / Asian
East Asian-China, Japan etc female. ASIAN SKATER . : The best skater of the crew, she talks a lot of trash and backs it all up. At home she must navigate the line between her immigrant parents’ conservative expectation of how a Chinese girl should act, and being the fearless badass that she is. (Lines 51)

63-65 / Male / African-American/African
The neighborhood’s Uncle. He runs the local pawn shop/antique store and keeps his finger on the pulse of everything. He’s from these streets, and has seen it all and done it all (good and bad). Now he tries to keep Ulysses on the straight path, while giving him a hard time about. Think Samuel L. Jackson just being himself.
(Lines 58)

25-40 / Male / African-American/African
Great voice, must be able to keep the audiences attention.

25-35 / Male / African-American/African
Muscular/Large.:Scary, his street smarts are matched only by his physical intimidation. He’s the neighborhood drug dealer and self-proclaimed owner of the block. A product of a ‘ get rich or die trying ’ mentality, he’s earned this block and isn’t going to let go of it. Think Stringer Bell from The Wire crossed with someone you’re too scared to even look at. (Lines 55)

21-25 / Male / Caucasian
Caucasian, Eastern European male.
He’s just trying to make the neighborhood better for everyone...isn’t he? He’s the smoothest talking real estate developer in New York, but beneath the surface bubbles something dark. He’s the type that gets what he wants, however he can get it. Think Ryan Gosling with the eccentric personality/mannerisms of a Christoph Waltz character. (Lines 50)

17-18 / Male / Caucasian
Prep-school skateboarder. He has the type of face you just want to punch.
He’d be cool, if he wasn’t such an arrogant prick. (Lines 28)

60-65 / Male / All Ethnicities
The beloved neighborhood eccentric homeless person, he’s far sharper than people think. He lives on the street and sees everything.
Think Larry David if he was homeless. (Lines 27)

20-22 / Male / African-American/African, Hispanic
Always high, always joking, and that’s what makes him unpredictably dangerous. He just wants to hang out not be in the drug game, but when your Uncle is the biggest supplier in the city you’re in the family business. Think Lakeith Stanfield/Darius on Atlanta. (Lines 22)

60-65 / Male / African-American/African
(Must speak with Nigerian accent) : He’s the building’s handyman, and everyone’s friend. A proud and affable man, with a fiery temper, who loves the building and his little dog. (Lines 21)

MAMA ANTHONY West Indies/Caribbean femaleJamaican. (Must speak with Jamaican accent). Heavy set. : Smooth’s Mother and a fiery Jamaican lady. She’s kind hearted and warm and does whatever she can to help her son, but will quickly whoop him to ke
40-45 / Female / Other
Jamaican. (Must speak with Jamaican accent). Heavy set. :
Smooth’s Mother and a fiery Jamaican lady. She’s kind hearted and warm and does whatever she can to help her son, but will quickly whoop him to keep him in line. (Lines 21)

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