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When We Dance The Music Dies
Posted on: 07/10/17
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48-55 / Male / All Ethnicities
He is a father searching for his missing daughter Audrey. He is determined for find is daughter at any cost. He is strong yet emotional and due to his situation shuts everyone off around him.

21-24 / Female / All Ethnicities
She is a 3rd year college student and best friends with Audrey. She's very pretty with the girl next door type of look. She is nice, down to earth and has a very funny and witty personality.
Role works 8 days.

21-24 / Female / All Ethnicities
She is a 3rd year college student who mysteriously disappeared. She's an attractive girl who suffers from depression and feels very lost in the world.
Role works 4 days

45-53 / Female / All Ethnicities
She is Tom's wife and mother of Audrey. At first she's a loving wife but after Audrey's disappearance she grows to have resentment towards Tom.
Role works 2 days.

25-50 / Male / All Ethnicities
He is Tom's coworker who feels really bad about Tom's daughter being missing. He's a cocky funny type of guy.
Role works 1 day.

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