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New Reality Show: Always Wanted To Sing? [Reality]:
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Mom in the Kitchen / Online E-commerce: URGENT [Commercial, Editorial, Web/Internet]: Photo Shoot will be of numerous Kitchen Gadgets. We are looking for a " Homey" Mom in....
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Following Five But Preceding Seven [Film]: Storyline: A man, who upon waking up in a vast desert, chained inside a school bus, must follow a....
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That's The Spirit (Horse-riding Teen) [Web/Internet]: Synopsis: New web series for girls who love horses. A well known movie will be the underlying theme
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Clinton Rd [Film]: Story line: Clinton Road is a horror film based on legends and myths that take place on a....
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Re-Run (Age Change) [Film]: NOTE: 80% of the film has already been shot, with the bookends at the beginning and end, taking....
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Car Company [Print]:
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Just For Men (Submit Immediately) [Commercial, Print, Promotional, Web/Internet]:
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Roomba (Japanese) V/O [Voice Over]:
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Metro Health [Commercial]:
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New York Pizza: URGENT [Commercial]:
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Posted on: 05/08/17
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Jean WInter
34-52 / Female / All Ethnicities
Stern, commanding, cold at the beginning to loving, tender, protecting by the end.

Many years ago, Jean, a loving woman, had her daughter taken away from her. This left a deep wound that would never heal and that would transform her into a cold and distant yet caring teacher. Now, on the eve of the end of the world, this middle-school teacher will rediscover not only her capacity for love but also her capacity to be stronger than life.

RATE: $100 per day WORKS 6 DAYS

Maria Castillo
9-12 / Female / Hispanic
Mature, Understanding. Shy at the beginning, an energetic force of nature by the end.

Maria is a girl who was forced to grow up too fast. Her mother was killed when she was six and her father and her were forced to immigrate several times before getting to the states. Her accent makes her self-conscious and shy towards English-speaking people... But deep down she's the brightest fire, one of those fires that will light you up if you allow them to.

RATE: Works 6 DAYS -$100 A DAY

John Thompson
9-12 / Male / Caucasian
Eastern European male.

Former center of attention who, on this day, is just a little scared boy looking for affection.

John was, until today, a force of nature, taking everything for granted. He was smart, he was pretty and almost everyone liked him. But today, on the last day of the earth, he is just a scared boy who discovers that the world he knew is not the real word and that there are others who shine bright too.

RATE: Works 4 days $100 per day

Martin Lee
40-60 / Male / All Ethnicities
Melancholic, explosive yet fatherly ex-con.

A school guard's booth is the last place Martin expected to land after prison. Still, he found in the kid's daily banters a source of inspiration. Now the world is ending and Martin is doing everything he can to keep himself calm because he's mat at hell about what adults have done to the world.

RATE: 2 days at $100 PER DAY

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