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New Era [Commercial]: Seeking Non-Union talent for supporting roles for a name brand Hat client. Overall style of shoot....
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Anti-Smoking PSA [PSA]:
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Weight-Loss product [Commercial]:
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Educational Video [Industrial]:
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Fast Food Co. (Still seeking URGENT) [Commercial]:
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Makeup Tutorial (Eyebrows) [Web/Internet]:
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HBO: Black Rest [TV, Web/Internet]:
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IBM [Voice Over]:
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Dior [Commercial]:
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IBS (Pharma): URGENT [Print]: SYNOPSIS: Talent should be OK with being in an IBS ad (IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME) and should have....
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PBS: SUBMIT IMMEDIATELY [Print]: Project Synopsis: #MeTooNowWhat? is a five-part series on PBS launching a prime time nationwide....
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Rosetta Getty: Look-Book [Print]:
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NFL [Commercial]:
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Duracell [Voice Over]:
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Wet Shapes (new role)
Posted on: 04/20/17
Casting Director: Apply to view!
Company/Link: Apply to view!
Client/Artist: Apply to view!
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Shoot Location: Apply to view!
Shoot Date: Apply to view!
Casting Date: Apply to view!
Day Rate: Apply to view!
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Union Status: Apply to view!


Kathy Host
30-40 / Female, Male / All Ethnicities
She tonally possesses the feel of local smaller station regional news anchor (ie-NY1) or local morning talk show host. Traits are enthusiastic, energetic, fully invested in the outcome of the telethon with ability to keep the energy up and fill in dead air by vamping.

EDIE (new host)
20-30 / Female / All Ethnicities
Mid 20s, female, younger up-and-coming small level media host type. Eager and sweet.

20-30 / Female / All Ethnicities
23-year-old (ish) goth girl, a young, evil criminal with a deadpan manner but ability also to flip the switch and play innocent

50-60 / Male / All Ethnicities
Male, 50s-60s, a "local television personality"-- he's made appearances in telethons for the past twenty years, but life has not treated him well, so now's he's a gruff, sedated alcoholic mess -- angry but too tired to care too much. Must be able to carry a tune, will be singing. Tonal prototype: Steve Bannon

30-40 / Male / All Ethnicities
Male, 30s-40s, a guru and healer with a soft yet grounded presence and a gentle sense of humor.

70-90 / Male / All Ethnicities
Sweet old man…the older the better. 80 or looks that…lives quiet subdued life, doing what he loves. Has a very loving energy. Old school commercial director with a homespun vibe.

40-50 / Male / All Ethnicities
40s, scientist, smug, judgmental, higher-than-thou.Prototypical straight laced uptight white guy who represents "THE ESTABLISHMENT” (Tonally: glasses, thin, clean).

20-70 / Male / All Ethnicities
any age and ethnicity, can shred on an electric guitar.

20-40 / Female, Male / All Ethnicities
male and female, 20s-40s, all ethnicities.

20-70 / Female, Male / All Ethnicities
any age, gender, ethnicity.

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