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Car Empire (Still Seeking)
Posted on: 04/17/17
Casting Director: Apply to view!
Company/Link: Apply to view!
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Shoot Date: Apply to view!
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Union Status: Apply to view!


Younger Henry Ford 5'10
40-50 / Male / Caucasian
Looking for who can be considered local hire in Providence, RI. Caucasian
Thin, with receding but still-prominent hair. Driven, stubborn, confident, visionary, resourceful, relentless, never idle - very hard working. Authoritarian, unpredictable, imperious, puritanical and practical. While Henry Ford had many failures and shortcomings, he was America’s first self-made billionaire. Stubborn, motivated and at times runs his company like a dictatorship. Fastidious in his dress, appearance and design, he is always wearing a clean cut suit and fresh shave. Cares about his workers and wanted to humanize working conditions for the common man. Still, he has an entire department at the Ford Company spying on them to make sure they live according to his puritanical views. He was notoriously punctual, and a bit of a control freak who could be ruthless and would stop at nothing to build his empire, at times even losing sight of his own family. Loves fiddles and old fashioned dancing. Lodging/transportation provided.


Alfred Pritchard Sloan Jr
45-52 / Male / Caucasian
Looking for who can be considered local hire in Providence, RI. Caucasian. 45-52 years old. Nerdy and awkward. Took himself, others and everything else too seriously. Over 6’ tall and very thin (130 lbs.) Soft-spoken, a keen listener, open to being proven wrong, interested in hearing what others had to say — he was very democratic. He also knew the value of the dollar. A rational, quiet, calculating and brilliant businessman. He had no hobbies or pastimes except his work. He didn’t smoke, drink or engage in any sports, convinced they were a waste of time. He was generally economical and gave generously to charity. He would pack his own sandwich in a brown paper bag and carry it to work in his pocket. A devoted husband to his wife.

KT Keller
47-49 / Male / Caucasian
Looking for who can be considered local hire in Providence, RI. Caucasian. Mid to late 40s. Overweight. Stocky and strong. Looked blue collar, acted white collar. President of Chrysler Corporation from 1935-1950 and Chairman of the Board until 1956.

John 'BUGS' Bugas
41-49 / Male / Caucasian
Looking for who can be considered local hire in Providence, RI. Caucasian. 40s. Tall (6’1). Was a rancher is Wyoming and got into the dark side of the car industry. Company man but a cowboy at heart. Rose through the ranks of the FBI. Was behind the disruption of two separate Nazi spy rings. Left the FBI in 1944 to join Ford Motor Company. Bugs was instrumental in supporting Henry Ford II’s takeover of Ford Motor Company, ultimately confronting and firing Harry Bennett.


John Delo
41-59 / Male / Caucasian
Looking for who can be considered local hire in Providence, RI. Caucasian. 40s-50s - Hot, tall, sexy, meaty features, slick, smart…check out visual references on Internet…they say it all. A real playboy. Inventor of the Pontiac GTO muscle car, the Pontiac Firebird and the Delorean DMC-12 car we remember from BACK TO THE FUTURE. Charged with cocaine trafficking. Married four times.

Eleanor Ford
60-69 / Female / Caucasian
Looking for talent who can be considered local hire in Providence, RI. Caucasian. 60s. Stopic and wise. Wife of Edsel Ford. Charitable and raised her children to have a sense of social responsibility. A true philanthropist.

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